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Peschel Hutfabrik

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Posted 20 October 2015 - 09:42 PM

Anton Peschel Neutitschein, I received additional hat liner print plates (17 pieces) from the Czech Republic.


Remarkably this is the identical liner logo that appears in Alan's Oviatts Los Angles "Oviatt Model" - Anton Peschel "Service" Velour!




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Posted 17 June 2016 - 12:42 PM

Peschel (Dinkelsbühl) Hut, 59cm probably late 1950s. Very nice Silver Gray Velour for a later time period. This one was made for retailer Carl Zeumer Zum PFAU (Peacock).







In Natural Light


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Posted 09 October 2016 - 12:15 PM

Anton Peschel "Brenner" Dinkelsbühl,55cm probably late 1950s. This hat belongs to Rocketeer on the FL.









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Posted 09 May 2017 - 05:04 PM

Anton Peschel Dinkelsbühl "Chevret", 57cm probably late 1950s. This one belongs to Stefan (Steur) on the FL.


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 10:09 PM

A. Peschel  Dinkelsbühl "Chevret", 55cm probably late 1950s early 1960s.  This one belongs to Stefan (Steur) of the FL.



















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Posted 27 July 2018 - 05:05 PM

A. Peschel Dinkelsbühl "Bella", 57cm probably mid to later 1960s.








Natural Light



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Posted 02 August 2018 - 07:04 AM

I was doing some online searching and discovered there was explosion at one the A. Peschel Villas in Šenov near Nový Jičín, Czech Republic back in 2015. Turns out it was insurance fraud gone wrong. Two bodies were found in the debris.

"The explosion of the villa, inside the corpse."


I took photos of the two A.Peschel Villas when I visited back in April 2011. The A. Peschel factory buildings were being demolished at that time to make room for a retail mall.

This is the villa where the explosion took place (in the basement).


This is the second villa which is next door.



You can see there were major alterations made from their heyday.


Behind the forgotten glory of Peschel's hat factory and Peschel's villas
g Under this name, the Language and Education Center has prepared
on Tyrsova Street in Nový Jičín visit places that are not
so famous as Hückel's villa and Hückel's hat factory,
but they are very interesting. The building plots that Anton
Peschel and his companion Jan Popp bought at
the territory of Schönau(today Šenov), were originally the property of the Gothic estate.
And Anton Peschel, the owner of the mill, decided in
1869 to build a hat factory. From the old chronicle of Schönau - Neutitshein (today Šenov u Nového Jičína)
and other documents show that after initial difficulties with
the factory it began to grow and its products got
popularity both at home and abroad. Only when we stood in the courtyard
today's demolition building, we realized it
scope and entrepreneurship with which the family expanded the factory;
bought the liquor of Simon Adler and rebuilt it to the butcher
and a pub with renowned cuisine, the garden restaurant was also known,
built a hairdresser, dye, sawmill, used Grasmanka's water, which was so pure that it was possible to bathe in it. Already in 1913 they asked for permission to build a train siding, purchased
and let the old house colony over
Grasmanka, who previously served mainly cattle,
and built apartments for employees. They lived in them even after
World War II. In the courtyard you can see the remaining factory buildings,
waiting for demolition, but also clerical flats or wooden ones
porches of residential buildings. Production stopped here on 1 February 1949
and the object was taken over by the Ministry of National Defense, today it belongs

And what about Peschel's villas? Both of the main representative Peschel villas
there are more than a hundred ladies and their appearance several times
changed, as illustrated by period drawings and photographs. Are placed
in the gardens at the main road to Schönau - Neutitshein, so everyone is here
can also be seen from the outside. And at the older one with a beautiful loggia, which
is referred to as Anton Peschel Villa (jr.), we have nothing else
it was not private - it was private property and we were not invited.
We at least gathered at the gate as we remembered beautiful spaces
from the time when the school canteen and school were here,
while the gate was silently letting go of the cars and the basement
white dressed figures.

But the second villa, called Karel Peschel's villa, today
The municipal office in Šenov near Nový Jičín (Schönau - Neutitshein) was a delicacy.
We were expected and it was what to watch. Entrance door, marble
staircase, hall lined with wood, fireplace from 1921, wooden
stairs with beautiful handrails, wardrobes built in
wall, beautiful wood clad meeting room, former
a winter garden and many other today's official rooms,
in which the original furniture, doors,
floors, all well maintained, and upholstered benches in the hall,
which encouraged us to sit down and listen to something about a woman,
which initially stood in the background, but eventually became a soul and momentum
the lever of the entire factory and even Honorable Citizen Schönau - Neutitshein.
It was Luisa Peschel, who was born in Doubravice in 1845
above Svitavy and as Aloisia Kolloros came with her parents
in 1864 to New Jičín, where her father Mathias worked
in the city brewery. Already in the following year she married
Anton Peschel (born 1824). Although it is initially related to her
He did not talk much about starting the factory, she certainly was
she was well acquainted with her operations and helped her husband.
In 1885, her husband Anton died and Luisa Peschlová remained
at her 40s alone, with 11 still unpaid
children (four sons and seven daughters) and became the only one
the factory owner. She was good mother and good
a businesswoman, she understood the factory, she could act
with customers. Son of Anton and later Charles
and she sent Joseph to the world at an experienced, at a factory
the daughters and son Rudolph worked as an engineer
on the Austrian runway, he also helped his technical ones
knowledge. In 1912, Mrs Luisa gave up her leadership
factory and died in 1920. The obituary in the magazine
Kravařsko and in the chronicle of Schönau - Neutitshein is referred to as a woman who had a good heart and a generous hand, where there was an emergency, contributed to both the school and the church. She was buried in the family tomb in Schönau - Neutitshein.

We went to another villa over Grasmanka, where we went to the hill
above the track stands the villa from 1925. It belonged to Anton Ernst Peschel
(1899), the founder of the company's founder, and in the shield he has a naked man
and a frog. This modern villa has unfortunately gone through both external and internal
modifications, and another building was added to it
- a hypermodern cube, so Siamese twins were born.
There was a training center, red corner, jesloškolka, apprentice
center. Nowadays, the extension is quite due to the municipal office
nicely adapted for pensioners and the original building is private
property. This time we were expected by the owner
and at least part of the villa we could see, look
to the plans of the original building, to get an idea of the time
modern living - large rooms, winter garden, spiral
staircases, built-in wardrobes with hidden doors, but also a terrace,
bower, garden with stone walls. Everywhere is visible
the owner's desire to preserve as much as possible the beauty of this villa.
It was getting darker when we said goodbye to the landlord and went through
On Vyhlídce housing estate - there was another villa. She wanted her here
to build sister Anthony Ernst dr. Johanna Steinbach
his husband Fritz, the factory manager. But it started
World War II and the plans remained only a stone garden
wall on Anenské street.
And in Anenské we are standing in front of the illuminated other villa, which
originally belonged to factory Weiss. It was romantic
the chateaux of the Loire with its towers, a decorated shield, chimneys,
windows and terraces decorated with grilles, a beautiful entrance gate
and the arbor. Peschel's family owned it until 1945, then
here were flats and finally underwent a rebuilding that completely changed
its appearance and adapted it to the needs of kindergarten.
Beautiful large rooms filled with toys, tables and beds
no longer resemble luxurious living, they breathe
love for children. Thanks to the lady schoolgirl we could go through
also interesting vaulted cellars and on the evening terrace to chat,
what it was like when Peschel came here for a war with a carriage
drawn horses, as remembers from nearby.
Where was the time? Peschels were Germans, their factory
worked for the German army. Already in April 1945 they moved away
mostly to Germany, their property was nationalized.
In 1950, he founded the founder of the factory, Anton Ernst
Peschel in Bavaria in the city of Dinkelsbühl new factory on
hats. From England he brought the necessary machines, among the displaced,
who, after leaving Czechoslovakia, settled in this area, got excellent
co-workers he wanted to continue with in the family
tradition. Hard competition (maybe even Tonak), low demand
and paradoxically the development of automobile "because in the car with a hat
does not bear ", all led to the end of production in 1969. Exactly
One hundred years since its inception, Anton Peschel has disappeared. (Typical Czech propaganda)

Villas of Peschlov family in Šenov, SOkA NJ.

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