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Echt Velour "Quality Velour Seal"

13 February 2018 - 11:22 PM

Echt Velour "Quality Velour Seal", 57cm, probably mid to late 1930s. Not sure what company made it but it came with another Velour from Friedrich Steinberg Hermann & Co. (STECO) Hat Factory Luckenwalde (East Germany) so they might be the source. The "Quality Velour Seal" felt color is a fantastic + unique Tobacco (Tabak) color with a great finish and hand. Also a interesting bow design and two tone liner.








Fur Felt Hats Tariff, Readjustment 1929 (U.S. Congress)

17 January 2018 - 11:33 PM

Bill & Caldwell were the importers for Borsalino in America. The following are transcripts of their testimony at Fur Felt Hats Tariff, Readjustment (U.S. Congress) hearings of 1929.  The total imports for 1927 Men's Fur Felt Hats were 28,500 dozen which made up only about 1% of the United States Men's Fur Felt Hat Market so very tiny.  Regardless the American Fur Felt Hat Industry wanted to increase tariffs.  Italy had 18,000 dozen of the 28,000 dozen and most were from Borsalino (reason for Bill & Caldwell and others testimonies of the behalf of Borsalino).
Fur Felt Hats Tariff, Readjustment 1929 (U.S. Congress)  (Scroll down to "Statement of J.G. Whitelaw, ....")
You might want read the entire hearing from the beginning. It's pretty interesting with some funny exchanges. The hearing also includes Women's Fur Felt Hats (a larger number, 94,825 dozen) which were largely Velours from Austria and Czechoslovakia.
The testimony by J.G. Whitelaw representing Bill & Caldwell is interesting. He mentions the selling point for Borsalinos was their light weight but the tariffs were making them 2 to 4 dollars ($12.00) more than equal price point American hats ($8.00) so this making them too expensive and impacting sales. He said they were 1% of the Men's Fur Felt Hats so they were no threat to the American Men's Furt Felt Industry. The counter from the U.S. side was the imports were increasing and they wanted to increase the tariff. Seems ridiculous but I guess they saw that Italy and Europe in general were not importing U.S. made Fur Felt Hats and didn't like that.
In the other parts of the hearing the very small wages being paid to Italian workers is brought up. I guess the point was that Italian companies and Borsalino in particular were making a lot of money on their hats based on the low wages they were paying their employees. The counter argument from the Borsalino side was that there were other factors driving up their costs such as fur, components (sweatbands, liners) and shipping costs. I have no idea if Borsalino / the Italian side was being totally truthful.

Hut Braun Teisendorf, Germany, October 14, 2017

15 January 2018 - 04:08 PM

Hut Braun Teisendorf, Germany, October 14, 2017
Hut Braun is located in the Teisendorf, Germany which is just west of Salzburg, Austria.   I would like to thank ErWeSa (Wolfgang) who posts on the FL occasionally for setting up this fantastic visit.  Hut Braun is a primary producer of Trachten Hats but also makes Soft and Stiff Felt Dress Hats.  Lothar Braun the owner is a very personable fellow with much knowledge of European Hat Industry.  Lothar has obtained machinery from famous former factories such as G. Panizza & C. Ghiffa, Italy.  His small scale factory is filled with all kinds of Hat Machinery.  I would like thank Lothar and his wife Gisela Braun for the fantastic tour of their Hat Factory and Shop.  Here is a link to a (translated) newspaper article that will give you more insight into their operation.
I would highly recommend paying Hut Braun a visit if you are in the Salzburg, Austria area.  There website is down at the moment but I will provide the link for the future and I have also included their Facebook page.
(Click On Photos to Expand)
Exterior of Shop and Factory.
(A Painting of St. Jacob, the Patron of the Hatters is displayed the exterior wall.)
Hat Dressing Section, Gisela Braun (Various Sewing and Stitching Machines for Felt and Straw Hats)

Emanuel Gittel Wien

10 January 2018 - 06:18 PM

Emanuel Gittel Wien, 58cm probably early 1960s. This is my first Emanuel Gittel Wien find. The hat is well made and the machine form and dimensions are of the time period. I don't have any information on the company other than a listing in the Austrian Hat Industry Guide (1926) .







Natural Light



Fur Felt Hats, Tariff Readjustment 1929: Hearings before the Committee on Ways and Mean...

03 January 2018 - 05:46 AM

Fur Felt Hats, Tariff Readjustment 1929: Hearings before the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives Seventieth Congress, Second Session