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"NEUHEIT / Novelty" "SPITZENKLASSE / Top Class"

15 November 2017 - 10:50 PM

"NEUHEIT / Novelty" "SPITZENKLASSE / Top Class" "EXTRA FEIN / Extra Fine", measures 58cm, late 1930s. This German Velour arrived recently. I am trying to figure out what company made it but that could prove futile.  I really like the color and the Velour has a great finish and hand. Also the hat has a very unique liner design with reed piping.
The piping reed is visible the  following photo (top of liner).
Natural Light

Ebreichsdorfer Heimatmuseum (S. & J. Fraenkel Hat Factory / Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat...

08 November 2017 - 06:06 PM

This is a visual tour of the Ebreichsdorfer Heimatmuseum (S. & J. Fraenkel Wien Hat Factory / Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat Factory) which I visited March 10th 2017. I would to thank the Director of the museum Rudolf Dworak and his associates for showing me the museum during the off season and for putting me in contact with the last Director (started as Master Dyer in the mid 1950s) of the factory which closed in 1972. I would highly recommend visiting the museum if you are in the Vienna area. The town of Ebreichsdorf is located just south of Vienna.





S. & J. Fraenkel Wien Hat Factory / Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat Factory produced both Felt and finished / semi finished Fur Soft Felt Hats. They were very well known for the fine Austrian Velours they produced going back to the late 19th Century (founded 1874). By the late 1950s S. & J. Fraenkel Wien Hat Factory / Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat Factory was the largest Felt and Hat factory in Austria. They acquired the Brüder Böhm trademark and other trademarks of former Austrian Hat Factories. They also produced finished hats for Dunn & Co. of England among others. At the time of the factory closing in 1972 they were the last large scale Felt and Hat factory in Austria.

I will start with Felt and Hat production section of the exhibit.

Click On Photos To Expand! (Recommended!)


The Hair Stump / Hood Production

From the Fur to the Stump / Hood, Cut Hair, Hair Mixing, Clean (Blow) Hair



Hare and rabbit hair are the raw material for felt hat production. In the past, hair from beaver, muskrat or otters played a certain role as additions. (left side caption)


In hairdressing the hair of the coat is separated on the skin, whereby the hair fleece as a whole is preserved ("kitten"). After your First World War, the hairdressing of the Ebreichsdorfer felt hat factory was abandoned and prepared fur was purchased. (upper left photo caption)

Functional diagram of the hair clipper. (upper left HM 18 photo caption)

In the mixing plant, the hairs of many animals and distinguished by different qualities are mixed in specific proportions in order to bring the raw material to a uniform quality. (upper right HM 18 photo caption)




Trimmed hair (mixed and blown) (left side caption HM 15)

The blowing machine is used last Cleaning and dusting the hair, but especially for sharply separating coarse hair (bristle, prickly hair) from the soft downy hair, which is the sole raw material for making hats. (right side caption HM 20)

This cleaning process is full in 5 to 9 consecutively coupled chambers, in which air currents and fast-running spiked rollers blow up the hair (= blow). Heavier hair (bristle, prickly hair)
collect on the ground. From the last blow chamber the hair falls completely cleaned and mixed in the form of a wide uniformly streaming in the ready transport car, which brings it to the Facherei / Folding Department. (right side caption HM 20)

H. Pohl Leipzig Cardboard Factory for Hat, Caps

14 September 2017 - 12:09 AM

H. Pohl Advertisement (Dehazet Supplier Directory For The Entire Hat Industry And Related Businesses, 1928)


H. Pohl Advertisments (Deutsche Hutmacher-Zeitung / German Hatmaker News, 1913)





Milz & Co. Lindenberg I/Allgäu (Bayern) Strohhut Fabrik

08 September 2017 - 06:21 PM

Milz & Co. Lindenberg I/Allgäu (Bayern) Strohhut Fabrik (Straw Hat Factory) Dampfbetrieb u. Elektr. Kraftanlagen (Steam and Electric Power Plants), May 12, 1915. Mayser Ulm purchased the company in 1929 and it became known as Mayser Milz & Co. where they made Straw and Soft Felt Hats. Lindenberg was one of the Straw Hat making centers of Germany. Mayser Hat headquarters was moved to Lindenberg in the early 1990s after the closure of Mayser Ulm.

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Albert Funk Hutfabrik Bamberg / Bamberger Haarhutfabrik post 1922

28 August 2017 - 06:15 PM

Albert Funk Hut=Fabrik Bamberg, paper bag, probably early 1900s. I received this last week. The bag appears to have never been used.



Albert Funk Hutfabrik became Bamberger Haarhutfabrik in 1922 so the paper bag has to predate 1922.


"Dehazet Supplier Directory For The Entire Hat Industry And Related Businesses" (1928)