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  1. This is a visual tour of the Ebreichsdorfer Heimatmuseum (S. & J. Fraenkel Wien Hat Factory / Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat Factory) which I visited March 10th 2017. I would to thank the Director of the museum Rudolf Dworak and his associates for showing me the museum during the off season and for putting me in contact with the last Director (started as Master Dyer in the mid 1950s) of the factory which closed in 1972. I would highly recommend visiting the museum if you are in the Vienna area. The town of Ebreichsdorf is located just south of Vienna. https://www.heimatmuseum-ebreichsdorf.com/
  2. Hch. Klipper Offenbach a. M. "Extra Quality", measures 58.5cm, Crown 5 1/2 inches, Brim 2 inches, 156 grams, Wool or Wool Blend, no paper label, Owner dated 1905. This Melone has a really interesting Form and Brim work with a 1 3/4 inch Ribbon / Band. I will take a photo wearing it so you can see the overall effect. Unfortunately there is some damage to the front of the ribbon but it's 100+ years old. I think the seller's (belonged to great grandfather) dating is accurate. Worn in Natural Light This fantastic Melone belonged
  3. Strobin bleaching and cleaning for Straw hats. This is from the early 1900s and still contains the powder mix. Instructions. Before you remove the hat linen hat band. The contents of this packet you pour on a saucer, add 4 tablespoons of hot water and stir both with a tooth or nail brush through good, Now you brush the hat with the Strobin water as long as vigorously and carefully, until the same has been used up. The stronger and more carefully this is done, the better the success! In jedesmaligem dipping the brush you durchrühre the Strobin water so completely and well
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