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  1. J. Hückel´s Söhne "HF", French Point 5 1/2, possibly very early 1900s late 1890s. This Stiff Felt belongs to Matt on the FL. New Paper Label Type
  2. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Prima", French Point 6 1/2, made for the French Market possibly late 1920s. This hat belongs to Matt on the FL. Paper Label has "AV" Alpha Velour Quality type. Ventilation System
  3. Mayser "Superbe", 5? cm, possibly later 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  4. Mayser "Antilope", 56 cm possibly later 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. Great detective work by Stefan on the FL.
  5. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Flexible", French Point 5 1/4 (57.5 cm) possibly early to mid 1930s. The Stiff Felt belongs to Steve1857 on the FL.
  6. I made a reverse image of the "Echter Mayser" Celluloid Label and translated the German text to English. You Made The Right Choice With This Genuine Mayser. It is the best German brand hat, made from the finest materials. It preserves your personal touch and protects you from sun and rain. You will enjoy it for a long time if you entrust its care to a specialist shop.
  7. Mayser "Libelle", 58 cm, possibly later 1950s. The Felt has a great color / finish and easily dry creases. Also a really interesting Bow and Brim treatment. This is my second "Libelle" so not a common Mark. Unique "Echter Mayser" Celluloid Label attached to the Sweatband. I have never seen one of these before so a very pleasant surprise. Natural Light
  8. Anton Pichler Graz, 58cm, possibly a rebuild or new hat from the later 1950s. There is no paper label and the Sweatband is from probably a later 1920s J. Hückel´s Söhne "Standard". The Reed covering on the Sweatband is a similar color to Felt so it's possible this was later rebuild of old J. Hückel´s Söhne "Standard" or the old J. Hückel´s Söhne "Standard" Sweatband was installed in a new hat. The Sweatband also has a Ludwig Skrivanek Graz Hat Fashion House mark. This hat belonged to the owner of the Collins Wien "Luxus Prima Smoking Hat". The Seller said her Great Grandfather, the owner, was born in the early 1900s. The greenish gray Felt is of a heaver weight but still easily dry creases. It has a really nice minimalistic Bow design. This is definitely unique / head scratching find which makes it all the better in my mind. Open Crown Natural Light
  9. Collins Wien "Prima Smoking Hat", 58 cm, possibly late 1950s. The black Felt has a nice Smooth Finish and is pliable so easily dry creases. The under Brim is reinforced with binding material so a formal Camber form worn Brim Up. The overall quality is high and the condition is excellent. Definitely a unique find. Open Crown
  10. Echter Rockel Velour, No Paper Label, measures ~ 58 cm, possibly late 1920s. The the Gray Velour is very pliable with a great amount of gloss. The Crown is ~ 6 inches Open with a ~ 2 1/2 inch Brim. The black Bat Wing like Bow is really fantastic. Open Crown
  11. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Extra" "Leicht", French Point 5 1/2, 110 grams, possibly late 1920s. The Black Felt has a Smooth Finish and is light weight and very pliable. The the Snap Brim with Binding is almost 3 inches in width. Condition is very good with all original components including the Crown Patch. Open Crown Natural Light
  12. J. Hückel´s Söhne Wien, French Point 5 1/2, possibly WWI era or slightly older. This rare find belongs to Panos on the FL. Open Crown
  13. Heinrich Balke Bremen "Velvet", Wool, possibly early 1900s. This hat belongs to Panos on the FL. Open Crown
  14. Brüder Böhm "Böhms Ultima", 58 cm, late 1930s and made for the Norwegian Market. I made a trade with Panos on the FL for this fantastic Velour. The following are Panos's photos. The hat store "Hans H. Holm A/S." that sold this hat was located in this Oslo building. Photo from 1909. Natural Outdoor Light (my photos)
  15. Mayser Milz, 57cm possibly early to mid 1970s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
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