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  1. Kohlndorfer, 56 cm, possibly mid 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  2. Ottmar Reich "Royal Exquisit", 55 cm, possibly 1950s. Stefan from the FL took photos of this hat a vintage retailer.
  3. Franz Gober München "Meisterklasse" "Standard", 57cm possibly later 1950s. This hat belongs to Yamahana (Greg) on the FL.
  4. Hückel "Extra", measures 60cm possibly late 1940s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. It's similar to this Hückel Flexible (150 Year / 1949) that Manfred found back in 2013. https://germanaustrianhats.invisionzone.com/topic/6-johann-hückel´s-söhne-hückel-hutfabrik-weilheim/?do=findComment&comment=794
  5. Wegener "Em / 7", 58cm, Brim 2 1/4 inches, Crown Open 5 1/2 inches, 3.00 ounces, NOS condition, possibly 1950s. The greenish blue felt is very light weight and pliable. "Em / 7" might be related to the felt weight. The bow design, form and dimensions are very similar to some later 1930s and early 1940s German market hats. g Open Crown Hut - Braun, Peter Braun (est. 1598) is still in business but not at the address on the hat (Bahnhofstr. 16.) which adds mystery to the dating. I will have to see if I can find why this is the case.
  6. J. A. Seidl München, 59 cm, date stamped July 26, 1932. This hat belongs to Paddy on the FL.
  7. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Flexible" "Rauh", French Point 6, possibly late 1930s very early 1940s. This is the first "Rauh" quality that I have encounter. It's all around fantastic and in great condition. This hat belongs to Paddy on the FL. Hat From Professional Enterprise/Plant Title: Brousek Publisher: Nagl, 1878 Enjoying the best reputation! Hat factory Jindřich Kris in Prague, Stará poštovská street Number 316-1. recommends its best products in felt and silk hats at the cheapest factory prices in la
  8. Mayser "Spezial", 56 cm possibly mid to later 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  9. This is from Österreichische Hut Zeitung (Austrian Hat News) December 31, 1937. This is a partial response to a survey sent to the participants of the Autumn 1937 Vienna Homburg Hat Propaganda. As previously mentioned the Austrian Hat Industry became retail customer oriented around the mid 1930s. See previous posts for more details. Experiences with the Homburg Propaganda. Judgments from Interested Parties. As we announced in our December 10th issue, the Men' Hat Propaganda Committee has sent a survey to all parties involved in Vienna with the request that they comme
  10. This is from Österreichische Hut Zeitung (Austrian Hat News) December 31, 1937, Pages 1,2. This editorial is from Anton Pichler Hutfabrik/Hat Company, Graz, Austria. The editorial discusses the Viennese "Homburghut / Homburg Hat propaganda campaign of 1937. PROPAGANDA FOR THE PROPAGANDA. By Ing. Anton Pichler (Anton Pichler Company, Graz). For New Year's, every newspaper wished its readers all the best. l do not want the readers of the "Hut Zeitung / Hat News" to have a better wish than to take these lines very seriously, in the interest of everyone in the ha
  11. This is from Österreichische Hut Zeitung (Austrian Hat News) December 10, 1937, Page 10. It's very interesting that the Austrian Hat industry had a propaganda campaign to bring back the Homburg Hat. This is the first time I have encountered the term "Homburg" being used by the Austrian or German Hat Industries. For some reason I never looked close at these December 1937 editions. Possible the Austrian Hat Industry became more fashion oriented (to help increase sales) and that could be the reason they dropped "macher" from the newspaper name (not sure when this occurred in the 1930s).
  12. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Plume", 55 cm, possibly mid 1930s. This Stiff Felt belongs to Heart Felt on the FL.
  13. Album für (for) Mayser 's Neuheitens (New Releases), Mai (May) 1914, from the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg , Germany hat collection. (This is a large image so you have to click on it to see the details. Very interesting Bow designs and of course great hats from May 1914. Also has the "Art/Form" and "Farbe/Color" numbers) "Art/Form" is "Form" in English. The "Art/Form" number is 5 digits for Soft Felts and all start with 34 (1914). The "Art/Form" number is 4 digits for Stiff Felts and the only examples starts with 48 (1914). The numbers increment because here are
  14. Some great background information from Wolfgang (ErWeSa). To your picture: the men shown there have had their medical examinations for the army and were found fit to serve in the army - this was celebrated by putting these decorations on their hats and suits (and by drinking lots of beer). There is an article in German here: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musterung#/media/Datei:1912-xx-xx_Josef_Riedl_(1889-1948)_from_Frankenfels_at_Musterung,_Austria.jpg and here: https://www.hna.de/lokales/schwalmstadt/blumen-waffen-1316911.html Here are some more photos: https://www.a
  15. Hut - Schick, Otto H. Schick Hat Maker Vienna, Shows His Handcrafted Hats PRICE LIST: (My Note: In Austrian Schilling "S") Casual Hat, Soft Felt For Snapping S 86.50 Homburg, For The Evening S 128.— "Camber 50", As Day And Evening Hat S 86.50 and 128.— Sports Or Tourist Hats Fine, Light Felt S 86.50 Loden Hats (Waterproof) For Hunting, Fishing And Tourism
  16. Flower Trachten Hat, Bischweiler, Alace, 1880 From Alsace so in German and French.
  17. Thanks! This is a valuable resource. Sorry I didn't get back to yet on the Arbeits book. I will send you an email shortly. I also have some Austrian Hat Makers Newspapers that you can look through.
  18. Lital Hat Box. This box belongs to Deborah (Dorette). Here are her comments. "I included a picture of the triangular hat box with Lital logo. My great-grandfather had a patent for it. "
  19. Lital "The New Yorker" "Expressly Made for Lital Vienna". This hat belongs to Deborah (Dorette).
  20. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Superior Velour", French Point Size 6, possibly mid 1930s. NOS condition and made for the French Market. This beauty belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  21. Hello Dorette, I was just looking for a possible company mark. A paper label usually has the Hat Company, Quality, Form, Color and Size. I don't download files. I use my Flickr account. What size are the files?
  22. This is a visual tour of the Ebreichsdorfer Heimatmuseum (S. & J. Fraenkel Wien Hat Factory / Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat Factory) which I visited March 10th 2017. https://germanaustrianhats.invisionzone.com/topic/301-ebreichsdorfer-heimatmuseum-s-j-fraenkel-hat-factory-ebreichsdorfer-felt-hat-factory-march-10-2017/
  23. The Big Factory Stefan Esders Wien, VII., Mariahilferstrasse 18 (1917)
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