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  1. Germania, 56 cm, Wool, possibly late 1920s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. Same paper label and similar style as my "Gloria", "Bellona" and "Lollar" Wool Soft Felts.
  2. Vereinigte Hutwerke Guben / VHG possibly 1950s. This hat belongs to Chris on the FL.
  3. "Bellona", 58 cm, Back Bow, Crown Open 6 inches, Brim 2 3/4 inches, possibly later 1920s. The black Wool felt easily dry creases and has a nice glow. I have few of these old Wool hats with similar paper labels but I believe this is the oldest. The Crown Patch is missing. I wasn't able to take very good photos so I will take some wearing it outdoors. This could be a Sheep surrounded by an "F" and a "S" so possibly Friedrich W. Schneider Köln. Open Crown Natural Light
  4. Mayser "Diadem", 55 cm probably later 1930s. This amazing + rare pre 1940s Mayser Velour belongs to Garrett on the FL. I came across this hat on German Ebay and I let Garett know about it. Luckily he decided to buy it even though it was one below his hat size. Natural Lighting
  5. Mayser "Superbe", 59 cm, possible date stamp of June 3, 1950. Great felt, dressing and form. Open Crown Natural Light
  6. Dr. Walter F. Schubert who wrote the introductory text was a well known expert on German Graphic Arts. SCHUBERT, DR. WALTER F. Die Deutsche Werbe-Graphik, 1927, Berlin https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/author/schubert-dr-walter-f/first-edition/
  7. Archiv für Buchgewerbe und Gebrauchsgraphik, Karl Schulpig by Dr. Walter F. Schubert, Berlin, March 1, 1925 https://magazines.iaddb.org/issue/AR/1925-03-01/edition/null/page/1 https://magazines.iaddb.org/issue/AR/1925-03-01/edition/null/page/7 https://magazines.iaddb.org/issue/AR/1925-03-01/edition/null/page/45 (Click "Next" to Last Page 64 )
  8. Lembert "Uran" possibly late 1950s. This hat belongs to Mark on the FL.
  9. Franz Gober München "Bayerland" "Garmisch", 60cm possibly late 1950s. This hat belongs to Mark on the FL.
  10. Echter Borsalino "mLodola" "Nobelsca", French Point 4 1/2, possible late 1920s. This amazing hat belongs to Garrett on the FL. Now belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  11. Wegener "Extra", 58 cm, possibly later 1940s early 1950s. I tend to think this one is older because of components. The felt is great and easily dry creases. There are some issues due to wear but nothing too bad. Open Crown Natural Light
  12. Hückel Weilheim "Chamois", 58 cm, possibly mid to later 1950s. Another gray Hückel Weilheim "Chamois" with a small Blue Jay feather so apparently they came with the hats. Natural Light
  13. J. Hückel´s Söhne, Display Cards, 10 cm x 4 cm, possibly mid to later 1920s. Most likely the cards were placed on or near the hats. Click On Photos to Enlarge.
  14. Mayser "Stella Steif Federlicht / Stiff Feather Light" made for Huthase / Hat Hare, 58cm, 155 grams, possible 1930s. I was lucky because I noticed there was a lot of padding behind the sweatband. Also figured it was made by a high quality company which also turned out to be correct. This is a really fantastic Fur Felt (Haar.filz) Stiff Felt made by Mayser Ulm. I really like the dimensions and form. The sweatband leather is especially nice and the fit is perfect. Huthase had stores in Dresden, Chemnitz, and Leipzig. Natural Light
  15. J. Heinr. JTA Wien K. u. K. Hof Hutfabrikant, Advert Display, early 1900s. Not mine but a great piece from a finished auction. Click Photo to Enlarge!
  16. L. F. Rousselett Elite, Advert Stand, 10 cm x 8 cm, possibly 1920s. L. F. Rousselet was located in Friedrichsdorf, Germany which is nearby Bad Homburg. L. F. Rousselet was sold in 1934 and became Resolut Homburger Hutfabrik.
  17. Fraenkel Wien, Celluloid Advert Card by Prager & Lojda Berlin S.W., 9 cm x 6 cm, possibly 1920s. . Prager & Lojda Berlin S.W. http://www.sampor.de/index.php?id=2672
  18. L. B. Hats "Prima Original", Wool, possibly late 1930s early 1940s. The paper label is missing and there are no company marks. The hat came from a Czech source so I am fairly certain the maker was from Czechoslovakia regardless of the English names. The Wool Felt easily dry creases and has a very nice finish. The Crown is just over 6 inches Open but not sure that comes across in the photos. I really enjoy finding these old European Wool Soft and Stiff Felt Hats. I think this one is fantastic. Open Crown
  19. Anton Peschel Neutitschein, 57 cm, 140 grams, possibly later 1920s. This is the only (and one other here) complete branded APN Stiff or Soft Felt Hat I have so a very rare find. The felt is very similar to JHS Stiff Felts but that makes sense because they were very close neighbors. I really like the dimensions + form and it actually fits so that is an added bonus. Natural Light
  20. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Superior" probably 1930s. The felt is great and easily dry creases. The sweatband was replaced and the ribbon / bow wasn't reapplied properly but other than that the it's in good condition. I really like the form and dimensions. Open Crown Natural Light
  21. Dermotta Wien, 58 cm possibly mid 1950s. The felt finish and hand are excellent plus easily dry creases. The overall workmanship is fantastic which is standard for Dermotta Wien. Unfortunately the paper label is missing. Open Crown Natural Light
  22. Janyška Velour, 57cm possibly late 1930s early 1940s. Janyška & Cie. were a Czech owned and established in the 1920s in Valasske Mezirici, Moravia which is about 25 km from the famous hat and felt production center of Nový Jičín. This is my first Janyška Velour but unfortunately the model name is not legible on the paper label. The black Velour felt is of very high quality (dying, finish, hand) and easily dry creases. Janyška & Cie. https://germanaustrianhats.invisionzone.com/topic/194-janyška-cie/ The Crown Tip Patch is missing but probably looked something like this. https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7448/27232439526_d65d75aa74_b.jpg Open Crown Natural Light
  23. "Corona" "Deutsche Wertarbeit / German Quality" possibly 1930s. The black Velour is fantastic and easily dry creases. I really like the unique liner design. There is no paper label and no company mark. I believe it could be the same company that made my "Neuheit" "Spitzenklasse" "Extra Fein" Velour. https://germanaustrianhats.invisionzone.com/topic/302-neuheit-novelty-spitzenklasse-top-class/
  24. Hückel Welheim "Chamois", 57 cm possibly late 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on FL.
  25. Carl Ceschka Wien "Biber" "Ex", French Point Size 5 1/2, possibly late 1920s early 1930s. Belongs to Garrett on the FL.
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