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  1. A. Peschel Dinkelsbühl "K", 56 cm possibly mid 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. Here is his description. "Peschel in dark brown. Size 56 with the bound brim at 6,5cm and the crown at 10,5cm at the center dent. Label only says quality "K" and not much else. I love these Peschel hats, because they always have a great hand to the felt and this one is no exception."
  2. Wegener "Extra", 58 cm possibly mid to later 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. Here is his description. "Wegener Extra unlined in the colour Sylt. Size 58 with the bound brim at 7cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. Weighs 114 grams. I don't see that many unlined hats and certainly not by Wegener. The colours are great as well with the contrasting ribbon and brim binding, so I picked it up, even if it isn't my size. Sold by Hut Wagner, Bahnhofstrasse 21, Limburg."
  3. Echter Rockel Velour, 56 cm, possibly late 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. Here is his description. "ark grey with some distinct lilac tones to it. Very cool colour which is why it had to come. No label in this one unfortunately, but the liner was glued, so I'm guessing mid to late sixties. Bound brim at 6cm and crown at 11cm at the center dent. Rockel did know how to do velour and this one shows it. Weighs 110 grams."
  4. Getes, Georg Teufel & Sohn, Tuttlingen "Meisterklasse" "Soleil", 58 cm possibly mid to late 1950s. The Light Gray Soleil Velour shows a nice gloss. This hat is machine formed but has nice dimensions + style. Natural Light
  5. Windsor, 58 cm, possibly late 1950s. The black felt has a soft hand and easily dry creases. I am still not sure what hat company made the Windsor mark. Open Crown Natural Light
  6. Getes, Georg Teufel & Sohn, Tuttlingen, "Antilope", 58 cm possibly late 1950s early 1960s. This hat is machine formed but has nice dimensions + style. I have never encounter Georg Teufel (&) Sohn, Tuttlingen so I will have to see if I can find any information. They don't come up on any of my lists. There is another Getes in this find. Natural Light
  7. Georg Teufel & Sohn / Getes, Tuttlingen, Since 1851 Ludwigstaler Str. 17, 72 Tuttlingen Klockhaus' commercial trade and trade address book of the German Reich Volume 7, 1892
  8. Rockel "Jupiter", 58 cm possibly mid to late 1950s. The Chamois like felt is fantastic (color, finish, hand) and easily dry creases. Also really like the form and mid width band / ribbon. Unfortunately the liner is missing so I might look for a replacement. This is the third hat from my recent seven hat find. Open Crown Natural Light
  9. Rockel "Velourette", 58 cm possibly late 1950s. The finish is Chamois like so I would be interesting to know why Rockel chose the "Velourette" name. I have one other "Velourette" and it also has a Chamois like finish. I really like the Ribbon and Bow design. This is the second hat from my recent seven hat find. Open Crown Natural Light
  10. Oberbayerische Hutfabrik gmbH. Miesbach "Edelweiss-Hut" "Chamois", 58 cm, 1955. The Chamois Felt is really fantastic (color, finish, hand) and easily dry creases. This is the first of a seven hat find. Open Crown Natural Light
  11. Rockel Velour "Superior", 55 cm possible late 1930s early 1940s. This fantastic Velour belongs to Matt on the FL. Open Crown
  12. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Elastic" possibly 1930s later 1920s. Belongs to Matt on the FL.
  13. Carl Weyrich Wien possibly mid 1890s - early 1900s. "Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria - A Personal Bowler Hat, Carl Weyrich III. Fasangasse 17 Wien, black wool felt, silk repp band and rim trimmed with silk repp band, leather sweat band, silk lining, on the inside manufacturer’s mark "Carl Weyrich III. Fasangasse 17 Wien" with imperial double eagle and the emperor’s gold-embossed initials "FJI.", 31.5 x 26 cm, c. 1900, (Lu) Personal bowler hat of the emperor, worn in civil dress. There are several photos of the emperor showing him with this hat model. Especially well-known is the image of Emperor Francis Joseph I with his grandnephew Archduke Charles Francis Joseph in the year 1894 in a park at Cannes. The Realized Price: EUR 25,300" You can see more detailed photos here. https://www.dorotheum.com/en/l/6887923/?tm_source=barnebys&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=barnebys&utm_content=2020-10-19 If scroll down to Lot 86 you can see the Realized Price. https://www.dorotheum.com/en/a/72373/#6887923 I couldn't find any detailed in information on Carl / Karl Weyrich so can't say if the Stiff Felt was sourced or made in house. The physical location on Google Maps is retail today but there could have been some type of small production. Carl / Karl Weyrich doesn't come up in any of Austrian Hat Maker News member lists. He is listed on page 25 of the Austrian Industry Guide (1926). https://germanaustrianhats.invisionzone.com/topic/217-austrian-hat-industry-guide-1926/
  14. Stetson Excellent "Stratoliner", 58cm, probably later 1950s. Made by Mayser in Germany under license. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  15. Gärner Hüte Wien "Record" Manufactured by J. Heinr. Ita Wien, 59cm, Real Fur Felt probably 1930s or 1940s. I assume Gärner Hüte Wien is the same as Gärner Wien who also made their own hats. I have an earlier Gärner Wien Wool Stiff Felt. The paper label has a "U.F." which doesn't point to J. Heinr. Ita Wien so could be a Gärner Hüte Wien label. I couldn't find any company that matches those initials. The "F" could be Fabrik (Factory) but no guess yet regarding the "U". I really like form of this one and also the ribbon with + bow design.
  16. S. & J. Fraenkel Wien, Ebreichsdorfer Filzhutfabrik / Extra Extra Wiener Hutindustrie "Wiener Extra Velour", measures ~ 58cm, possibly early 1930s. I would like thank Brent on the FL for offering this great pre 1940 Austrian Velour to me. The thick Metal Gray Velour is really fantastic but I will have to work with it more to get a smoother finish. The offset bow is a unique feature. I think it was probably worn brim up as shown because of the over welt. I only knew this Velour was made by "S. & J. Fraenkel Wien, Ebreichsdorfer Filzhutfabrik" by the paper label. Exported to the Italian market so it's good know that they used "Wiener Hutindustrie" for future reference. C. Sartoris via Roma 19-21, Portici di via XX Settembre 240, Genova (Genoese yearbook administrative, commercial, industrial and maritime guide etc. 1936) Sartoris C. via Roma 19-21 r. Branch: portici di via XX Settembre 240 r. Telephone 51-804, see special notice. Open Crown
  17. Heinrich Balke Bremen "Prima Weser Hut", 58 cm, Crown Open 6 inches, Brim 3 inches, possibly late 1920s. This a Wool Soft Felt Hat with Back Bow and luckily the Crown Tip Patch is still present. I really like finding old Wool Soft Felts and I waited a long time for this one to arrive because of shipping issues. Open Crown Natural Light
  18. Kohlndorfer, 56 cm, possibly mid 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
  19. Ottmar Reich "Royal Exquisit", 55 cm, possibly 1950s. Stefan from the FL took photos of this hat a vintage retailer.
  20. Franz Gober München "Meisterklasse" "Standard", 57cm possibly later 1950s. This hat belongs to Yamahana (Greg) on the FL.
  21. Hückel "Extra", measures 60cm possibly late 1940s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL. It's similar to this Hückel Flexible (150 Year / 1949) that Manfred found back in 2013. https://germanaustrianhats.invisionzone.com/topic/6-johann-hückel´s-söhne-hückel-hutfabrik-weilheim/?do=findComment&comment=794
  22. Wegener "Em / 7", 58cm, Brim 2 1/4 inches, Crown Open 5 1/2 inches, 3.00 ounces, NOS condition, possibly late 1930s early 1940s. The greenish blue felt is very light weight and pliable. "Em / 7" might be related to the felt weight. The bow design, form and dimensions are very similar to some later 1930s and early 1940s German market hats. Also the sweatband seam and ribbed ribbon bow design are similar to WWII era and older Wegener Hats. g Open Crown Natural Light Hut - Braun, Peter Braun (est. 1598) is still in business but not at the address on the hat (Bahnhofstr. 16.) which adds mystery to the dating. I will have to see if I can find why this is the case. https://hut-mode.de/portfolio/hut-braun/
  23. J. A. Seidl München, 59 cm, date stamped July 26, 1932. This hat belongs to Paddy on the FL.
  24. J. Hückel´s Söhne "Flexible" "Rauh", French Point 6, possibly late 1930s very early 1940s. This is the first "Rauh" quality that I have encounter. It's all around fantastic and in great condition. Hat From Professional Enterprise/Plant Natural Light Title: Brousek Publisher: Nagl, 1878 Enjoying the best reputation! Hat factory Jindřich Kris in Prague, Stará poštovská street Number 316-1. recommends its best products in felt and silk hats at the cheapest factory prices in large and small. Free of charge price list. There are significant benefits to sellers. 862
  25. Mayser "Spezial", 56 cm possibly mid to later 1950s. This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.
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