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  1. Did you ever try this ? The website is down... Mazur- Hüte Hüte u Kappen / Erzeugung u Großhandel A-1100 Wien, Liesingbachstraße 69 +43 1 689 19 29 +43 1 689 19 29 office@hut-mazur.at www.hut-mazur.at Uniformhüte & sämtliche Sorten Tschakos werden seit 1873 nach althergebrachter Handwwerkskunst nach originaler Machart hergestellt. Umfangreiches Originalformenlager. Historische militärische Kopfbedeckungen. Bestattungshüte.
  2. Nice one! When I visited Steve, I got a similar hat - grey Homburg with grey trim and black band from him, a vintage Mayser. It looks very nice on me although there is some moth damage .
  3. Beautiful topper in excellent condition! You probably scored it because it was just a 58. Such a hat in 60 or 61 would be worth a small fortune. Does it fit you?
  4. I found a short German Wegenerabout the company - quite interesting and considering they are still in business in the same premises as they were 100 years ago, I am sure they have a remarkable archive. Basically, it tells that they still make hats in Germany but also in Asia and in Poland. A large amount of their revenue comes from private labelling hats for large German brands. As you can imagine though, the quality is probably not top notch. Ever since the 1950's, when one of the Wegeners went to the US in order to learn how to make Cowboy Hats at Resistol, they produce Resistol Hats in Europe under license. They still produce top hats although they do not look anything like the old ones and the company is supposed to remain in family when the current CEO retires soon. I will try to pay them a visit, when I am in Germany in November.
  5. This is an amazing bowler - just look at the beautiful brim curl, simply outstanding.
  6. I will be in Germany in November and I definitely have to pay him a visit!
  7. Wonderful! I should stop by there as well when I am in the area next time. About a year ago, I contected them asking whether they had vintage hat making books but they told me they did not . It is sad to see that they could produce high quality hat wear but there is simply no demand for it...
  8. Wow! Thanks for all the interesting picture and the piece of history, about Hückel. Where did you find all this - at the hat museum?
  9. This one is awesome! I like especially the fact that the box has a felt protector - obviously Habig paid attention to details. What size is it? 1942 Salzburg Address Book This is from Wolfgang regarding Slama. "I happened to stumble over the Slama advert in the 1942 Salzburg address book looking for something else and still can remember the shop. I just didn't remember that is was mainly a gentlemen's garment shop and not a hat shop but the ad makes it clear. It was rather an expesive shop as far as I remember and ceased to exist in the 1980s."
  10. Interesting! How do you know it was made by Mayser?
  11. Thanks for the quick answer Steve! I have to keep my eyes open then. A size 59 fits if it is a long oval. Otherwise I need a 59,5 or 60... What is your source for bowlers? Thanks, le.gentleman
  12. This is a nice one, where did you find it and do you know a great source for vintage bowler hats other than ebay? I saw this Bowler on ebay lately, what do you think of it?
  13. Amazing hat! too bad it is a size 54. Isn't it great that the internet provides us with so much imformation?! A few decades ago such research would habe been impossible.
  14. Awesome Steve! Did you take some more pictures? What else did you see in Europe?
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