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  1. This hat kills me every time I see it. The color. The liner. The...ah...you name it. *sigh*
  2. There was a time when US brands like Stetson or Resistol licensed Wegener to produce hats for the German(European) market. This one here is a 1960's Resistol that was made by Wegener. The color in the photos is not really acurate, as there is a slight green touch to the brown, which was not captured by the camera. There were some serious moth nibbles on the brim, so I added the black lining to cover the disaster area.
  3. Oops...I just double-posted my 1966 Wegener... *read before you post*
  4. Ok. Those Peschels are obviously pretty hard to find, and I've been lucky enough to snag one from the Bay. Charcoal color, fairly stiff felt that is incredibly soft and silky to the touch.
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