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  1. Found a new history of Lunzenauer Mützenfabrik. Google Translation The development of the hat factory in Lunzenau by Horst Hahn * In 1918, the brothers founded Bruno Kern (24) and Artur Kern ( 23) Lunzenau the company Ernst Kern with the aim of production of men's and Boy hats. In addition, still part of both mother, Mrs. Emma nucleus to the Founding members. * Gave in honor of the late already in 1917, father and husband them to the operating its name " Ernst Kern " . Ernst Kern was a furrier and Capper champion and had a business for fur hats and Fur clothing at the beginn
  2. My Second Luzena Cap is arrived today. Very nice mint condition. My guess, mid 50s early 60s. The fabric looks similar to my first Luzena Cap but it's definately not a corduroy fabric. It's a very thick fabric. Here some photos! Good to see, the difference!
  3. I am glad that this hat is in your hands, Steve, a fantastic and unique Hat!
  4. The Big Deal? I bought 4 unworn and new old stock German hats. All are open Crown. Two are Velour in Size 53 and 56 and two felt size 53 and 56. My guess from the mid 40s to the early 50s. The Sweatbands are stiff and dry out over the years.The Quality of the Velour is good. The brown Prima Haarhut has a very stiff felt and has a bit longer hair. Steve and I are agree that they are from the early, 50s The Velour The Prima Haarhut
  5. Echter Mayser Superbe with a dark brown color! From 1960 with print " Superbe " on the sweatband!
  6. Some photos of the Echter Mayser Superbe with brim downward!
  7. Stetson Stratoliner Size 57 Logo and paper label
  8. Mayser Brooklyn in light Brown with a nice multicolor Ribbon
  9. That is a very beautiful Mayser in mid gray. I love this hat. The felt is very thin and leight.
  10. Thanks Steve, I'll gladly do. There are, besides fedora lounge, no page that presents much of European knowing and hats as yours.Its a honor for me.
  11. Thank you Steve for posting the links. The photos are great
  12. this is a newer Wilke with stingy brim.I think 1970-1980. the condition ist new.
  13. The Chapeau Claque factory was founded in 1905 by Albert Eisele Achern. Therefore, this year marks 100th anniversary, which still is not sure whether this is done publicly or family. The factory was then the fifth Folding cylinder factory in the area Achern. She was named Aleisa, after the Initials of the founder and the first letter of the city founder (Albert Eisele Achern). Today there are only three Chapeau Claque factories world that is the story about Aleisa: http://www.ga.og.bw.schule.de/hp/schueler/ags/begabtgeschichte/zylinderhut/endfassung.pdf
  14. Thank you le.gentleman, Yes, moths, devilish little beasts-- I think steve could open a business with his collection
  15. Hess Homburger Hat Hess hat factory Berlin - Gubener Hutfabrik AG Formerly A. Cohn Guben - Kassel - Recklinghausen The hat factory was established on 16 Founded in April 1888. The foundation was based on the assumption of the Apelius Cohn and Herman Levin, 1859 in Berlin and 1876 in Guben under the name A. Cohn founded Hutfabrikationsgeschäfte. Were produced men's and ladies' hats made of wool and fur felt and straw and plastic netting. By 1920 Hermann Levin directs the company. After his death, Dr. Alexander Levin, the position of Director General. 1922, the company
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