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  1. Great info and nice early photo of O. W. Fischer (then a famous actor in the germanophone world), thanks!
  2. Hello Steve, this is great! Congratulations on this book. Incredible the multitude of hats produced in former times. It's a pity that this culture has disappeared almost completely.
  3. Hello Steve, great information! Particularly the reason why many hats were exported to the US. Thanks!
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, following Steve's invitation I am going to present my hats in this splendid forum. I am not a new media man - so please forgive me imperfections in this field. Strictly speaking I am no hat collector either, I am just interested in headgear in general, its making, the trades, the firms so when I come across a nice vintage specimen that doesn't cost much I can't resist. I got all of my hats but 2 on flea markets, so they are not as mint as many of those I saw here. Let me start with some pictures taken today in Salzburg, my hometown, from the few remaining hat shops and what can still be seen of those which were closed. 1. Hut Geiger: Used to be in the big shop, now "Monbijou" - the usual tourist shop. Geiger is just round the corner in Goldgasse now. 2. Collins: The last bigger store in Salzburg.
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