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  1. Here is a picture of the the Lital shop in Vienna, Austria. My grandfather is the gentleman on right hand side. The picture appears to be blurry. I need to resize it and will repost if someone would like to see it better.
  2. Here are pictures of a Lital hat and a print ad for the company. This was my great-grandfather's company. They owned a hat factory and four stores until the business was taken by the Nazis in 1938. I would appreciate any information people may have about Lital.
  3. Attached is a print ad for for my great-grandfather's hat company Lital. Vienna, Austria @ 1929.
  4. I am researching my grandfather's hat company, Lital, active in Vienna in the early 1900s. From what I know there was a factory and at least 4 stores, one of which was located at VII Mariahilferstrasse 88a. I have looked through several of the resources on this forum and strangely see almost no mention of this company. The exception is the 1926 Austrian Hat Industry guide which lists both my grandfather and his father. I would be grateful for any information on this company. I do have some things (by photo and scans) to offer if the members are interested. A few items are: actual Lital hat (I won it on eBay!!), several hat boxes, patents for a triangular hat box, patent for special treatment for fur, photo of the store (early 1930 maybe), advertisement for Lital hats from the 30s.
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