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Indra Mützen Cardboard Stand Sign


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JohnnyJ of Cordova Handmade Caps was inspired by the cap in the Indra ad I posted on the Fedora Lounge. Johnny made a great copy of the cap which ended up in St. Valentine's (also of the Fedora Lounge) hands. St. Valentine (Frank) in turn did a great job duplicating the Indra ad wearing JohnnyJ's cap. Here is St Valentine's post from the FL.


"Ok guys, here we go: Another beautiful cap from Johnny is in Germany now. This time it´s a kind of "coming home" as it is a replica of an old german cap.

I can´t remember who posted the nice pic of a 50ies advert of this "INDRA" brand cap, but I wanted such a cap and couldn´t resist (as always...).




Lightheartedly I remarked that I wouldn´t mind having such a cap and Johnny jumped for it! ;) Be careful what you wish for.... :D

What can I say? Again it´s a piece of art, Johnny´s work getting better and better. The leather sweatband is very precisely sewn to the cap, it has a flashy red liner and even a little bow to mark the back of the cap. Unfortunately it was a near miss for the brand patch but there will be another cap for sure (can you hear me Johnny?).


It was saying "Wear Indra Mützen!" back in the days, but today I´d say "Wear Cordova caps!" :D




Please excuse my poor Photoshop skills, here´s one without the decoration:




A big thank you goes to California again, keep up the good work Johnny! :eusa_clap"

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