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Vienna Exhibition 1873, Collective Exhibition of German Hat Manufacturers, Berlin


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Vienna Exhibition 1873




676 Collective Exhibition of German Hat Manufacturers, Berlin













1 Oscar Bluth (Berlin): Silk hats. Built in 1858. Fabrication of silk hats in 1871 are 250 pieces of silk plush in the value of 18,000 Thalers and processed 30,000 pieces hats were manufactured in Germany and Russia paragraph 60 Arb.


2 Bortfeld, Carl (Bremen)


3 Carl B Cahn MJ & Sons (Cologne): Fur Felt Hats. Built 1867. Fabrication of felt hats, starched and soft, in all façons and colors. The main sales markets on German 250 280 Arb 2 Dampfm of 40 PfIStärk b MP 67.


4 Dufour, Adolf (Hamburg): Millinery Established 1859. Spec silk hats 16 Arb


5 Dutzschky, Theodor (Magdeburg)


6 Gruda, Franz successor Oldesloe (Holstein) Fur Felt Hats. Established 1816. Hat fabrication 1871 are 25,000 piece of felt hats in the value of 50,000 thalers. Sales to German and non-European markets 60 Arb 22 female Dampfm of 8 PCStärk 2 Dampfk .


7 Graff, Joh Wilh sen (Bonn): Silks and fancy hats. Built in 1861. Silk cashmere Gallet and felt Gaeth hats. 1871 are hats been made thaler, worth 35,000. Paragraph on German markets 23 Arb 6 female.


8 Israel Mathias (Cologne) Built in 1856. Hat and caps fabrication. 1871 are 3,000 doz hats in the value of 30,000 thalers and 18,000 doz caps were manufactured thaler, worth 72,000 sales in half on German markets. Direct staff to 16 people Arb in the factory 135 95 65 45 female female outside.


9 Kramer & Sons (Lahr, Baden)


10 Lehmann, CF (Dresden)


11 Lippmann, J (Dresden)


12 G. W. Martini & Son (Offenbach, Hesse )


13 Maury & Со. (Offenbach, Hesse)


14 F. Mayser & Son (Ulm, Württemberg)


15 Merck Gebr. ( Hesse )


16 Moeckel, Phil (Homburg vd Höhe)


17 Müller, Theodor hatter (Berlin) Div hats


18 Noessel, Louis (Berlin) Built in 1849. Fabrication of felt hats made from sheep's wool. 1871 were 900 Ctr wool in the value of 72,000 thalers and 15,000 doz hats manufactured paragraph mainly on German markets. Direct personnel 15 people Arb in the factory male 70 female 10 male 15 female outside 2 Dampfm 24 P Stärk 7Dam fk.


19 Rehfuss & Со. (Kehl am Rhein, Baden )


20 Roessler, Carl (Edward and Carl Anton Roessler) Hanau am Маin, Prov. Hessen-Nassau. Hat factory. Built in 1814. 94 Arb 32 female 18 outside Dampfm of 6 Pf Stärk b MP 67


21 Schuchard, H. (Darmstadt, Hesse)


22 Welding, Gustav (Offenburg, Baden)


23 Sick, Carl (Bremen)


24 S. Vassel & Со. (Berlin) Built 1841. Fabrication of silk and felt hats mechanical mainly for the German market. Arb 90 male 25 female 10 female in the factory outside Dampfm of 14 Pfistärk ML 51 b MP 67


25 Wessel - Niemax & Isola (Cologne) fabric hats. Built in 1868 factory of fancy hats and caps hat fournituren. 1871 are 3,000 thd hats in Verthe of 60,000 thaler been geferti paragraph for the most part in Englis and 80 arb 36 female.


26 Zehme, JC (Munich)


27 Hasse, Moritz (Berlin) Built in 1856. Fabrication of hat and caps fournituren Spec fancy belt.


28 Freystadt, J. (Berlin) Div hats and caps hat hats and furs factory.


29 Gabriel & Boas (Berlin)


30 Saalfeld Gebr (Berlin)


31 Wolff, H. (Berlin) and caps hat pattern cards umbrellas. Built in 1850. Fabrication vdn and caps lackirten cap screens connected to Pelzfárberei and Confection Spec paint hats lOOArb 20 under 16 years old female in the factory u as much outside.


32 Widmayer & Schüssler (Ronsdorf at Elerfeld)


33 Wilke, C. G. Friedrich Theodor and Wilke (Guben Prov. Brandenburg) Established 1822. Fabrication of fine sheep wool felt hats. 1871 are 1.300 Ctr Full processed and 336,000 pcs hats been NIR fabricirt 390,000 thalers. Paragraph mainly on German Markie in part looking also for export. 350 Arb 176 female and 23 under 16 Ahren in the factory 10 outside Dampfm 2 of 45 PñStärk s MP 67


34 Behr, A. (Berlin) hat and caps form.


677 Pfungst, Julius (Frankfurt а. М.) Pattern fabrication of all kinds of hair and representation of the hat. Factory for all kinds of hair to the hat fabrication.

Helñenstein, Ph. Hatter (Neustadt a H. Bavaria) felt, silks, and shock hats along with raw material.


679 Schlimperts, A.R. Hatter (Hamburg) silk hats


680 Kahn, J. Hatter (Hamburg). Hats raw material and implements.

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