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Fabrikation von Damen- und Herren- Filzhüten, Der Deustchen Hutmacher Zeitung (1933), Supplier Directory


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"The Wilke Hat has no Dark Side, but still in the Shadow, you can see the Wilke Hat"




"The quality brand of good specialty shops. Only quality products bring lasting success and help the retail industry. We provide guaranteed durable men's hats in wool, hair, velour in modern shapes & colors at reasonable prices. Buy German Quality Ware!"




"Machine Factory and Foundry, We supply machines of first-class construction for Wool and Fur Felt Hat Fabrication, Please ask for our special brochure with references to domestic and abroad, Two Important New Designs, Electric Crown Ironing machine, Automatic Drum Beater machine"




"Fabrication of Fine Wool Hats for Men and Ladies, Weekly Production about 3,000 dozen"




"All Machines First Rate, Latest Special Models, Leather sewing machines for sewing onto leather and not onto leather. Leather sewing machines. Fold lining sewing machines. Flange sewing machines. Steel band sewing machines for stiff hats, Steel band for stiff hats in flat wire and round wire and in all viable dimensions of best hardened steel."




"Known for its Top Notch, Wood - Aluminum, Special Factory for Hat Forms, Designing, copying, mass production, for felt and straw"




"I'm Missing A Mayser Hat"

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One of the essential preconditions for bringing out a good hat is the right finish.


We offer our excellent Special Shellacs for the hat industry and provide carefully crafted resolution and application rules to your questions so you can generate premium quality hats.


Women's and men's felt hats


for hats & brightest tenderest tones: white bleached in plait "Supra", "Extra Light." Triple Ring "completely soluble / wax.


for light to dark colors. "Three Star" Pure I Button Shellac, albex, alba, sup., HRSL free of resin and wax our button shellacs are excellent suited in aqueous, half colloider, solution. Especially suited for fine hair hats


Ladies, straw, braids and braid hats for brightest colors, tenderest tones: "Supra", "Extra Light." Triple ring for dark to medium colors:. .. "Three Star" special places: ...... "Waterproof •, impervious against rain. No strict manufacturing requirements , as with flammable nitrocellulose finishes.


Stiff Men's Hats


Bright colors: Pure Saba Buttonlac in alcohol solution.

Dark colors: Ditto RSA RSA10 in alcohol solution.


The 2.5 percent shellac wax contained in Saba and the RSA brands, as opposed to the ind. Native products, alcohol-soluble, penetrate with the shellac in the hat, and act as a constant means of elasticity.


Folding and Silk Top Hats

Our GSA, GSAB sheet coatings are resin-free and are perfectly suitable for the ironing and provide high constant elasticity.




Hat Factory / Joint Stock Company


Men's, Women's and Children's Wool Felt Hast


Semi-finished Goods




The Hat Brand of Quality Goods


Fur Felt and Velour Hats for Men and Women, Felt Hoods




Brothers Seige


Fur, Velour and Wool Hats - Cap Factory




The Gattel Hat only directly though us.


Brothers Gattel


The name stands for first quality in Wool, Fur Felt and Velour Hats




Heinze Hat Machines


Recognized by all Professionals!




Hat engineering


All Machines for: Wool and Fur Felt Ladies Hat Manufacturing - Industrial


Hatter craft


New worthwhile saving


High-performance types


Machine Factory




The Messerschmidt Hat is Excellant!!


Brothers Messerschmidt


Carrying the best and most capable product in men's and ladies' hats.


For decades, maintaining the direct supply of goods to specialty stores.




IG Color Industry Corporation, Frankfurt (Main) 20


We maintain the highest level technical range in colors for hat dyeing, among other things:


Supramingelb (yellow) R, 3 GL

Supraminrot (red) GG

Supraminrot (red) B

Alizarinrubinol (ruby) GW

Guineaechtrot (red) BL

Alizarindirektblau (blue) AGG, AR.


(Side note: The first part (for example Supramin) of the word is the brand name of the dye.)


These brands are the fashion colors combinations of the hat dyer for Wool or Fur Felt Hoods; they are world known and proven, particularly in the apparatuses of dyeing.


Acid Black for fulling STBN


Genuine Acid Black for fulling Marengo hat for wool and hair. Our textile auxiliaries are represented in any advanced hat factory by:


Leonil SBS Teig, highly concentrated


It is indispensable in avoiding the unpleasant consequences of Carboniser error.




I. G. Color Industry Corporation, Frankfurt (Main) 20


Feltron C.


In fulling and dye: only this bright grey and pastel shades can be obtained satisfactory.


Igepon T.


In conjunction with olive oil and emulsified with Emulphor FM oil-soluble, acid-resistant, easily washable binder for the wool hat.


Leonil S.


The unsurpassed penetrating agent.


Palatine Real Salt 0 in Solution.


It allows application of well-known excellent Palatine real dyes without damage to equipment and goods in the dyeing of the felt hoods.


Eulan New.


A good standing, lustrous velour and a robust felt with Moth Resistant fastness is obtained by adding Eulan New to the dye bath.

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