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Anton Fischer, Guben


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24/01/1911 : In the commercial register A, the company Anton Fischer is entered in Guben and as its owner hatter Anton Fischer in Guben the Royal District Court under No. 325. The hat factory of Anton Fischer was located in the former railway station road No. 18.


25/01/1929 : The Hungarian-born hatter Anton Fischer dies from pneumonia at the age of 63 years. He came in 1911 to Guben and founded a German borders become known hat factory.

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Anton Fischer, Guben advertisement from "Fabrikation von Damen- und Herren- Filzhüten, Der Deustchen Hutmacher Zeitung (1933)".




"The quality brand of good specialty shops. Only quality products bring lasting success and help the retail industry. We provide guaranteed durable men's hats in wool, hair, velour in modern shapes & colors at reasonable prices. Buy German Quality Ware!"

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1910-1920 , Another hats factory - Anton Fischer Haar- und Velourhut-Fabrik. The 1915 guide indicates that its location on Uferstraße 26, the buildings on the street side have been completely rebuilt, but the smaller ones (inner ones) overlap with the existing "Achenbach" visible on the right.



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