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Rheinische Hutfabrik


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Before WWII located in Mönchengladbach. Moved to Neersen after WWII.




"Nach dem Krieg wurden in den Webereigebäuden ausgebombte Betriebe aus Krefeld und Mönchengladbach untergebracht, so die Rheinische Hutfabrik und die aus Mönchengladbach verlagerte Kleiderfabrik Paul Vander. Viele der alten Firmengebäude wurden aber später abgebrochen. Erhalten blieb jedoch der unter Denkmalschutz stehende Komplex „Traumfabrik“."


"After the war, bombed-out companies from Krefeld and Mönchengladbach were housed in the weaving mill buildings, the Rheinische hat factory and shifted from Mönchengladbach Kleiderfabrik Paul Vander. Many of the old factory building but were later canceled. However, it conserves the under monument protection complex "Dream Factory"."


Appears they were eventually acquired by Recklinghausen Hutfabrik GmbH (previously Hess Ltd. and prior Berlin - Gubener Hutfabrik AG).


Jaeger's Europa-Register: Teleurope, Deutscher Adressbuch-Verlag., 1971 - Telegraph


21/700 Rheinische Hutfabrik GmbH, Herner Str 57, D-435 Recklinghausen





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Rheinhut Superior "Wildleder", 59cm probably mid to later 1950s. The felt color, finish and hand are fantastic. It's a sporty mix of Dress and Trachten Hat styles. Rheinische Hutfabrik was located in Neersen, Germany which is close by Düsseldorf.
















The shop "A. Keudel" in Hagen that sold the hat was originally a hat factory. (1902)



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