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Men’s Stiff Felt Hat And Method For Its Production, Austrian Patent Nr. 133275 (1932) Adolf Sindermann & Hans Frankmann


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Men’s Stiff Felt Hat and method for its production.


The invention relates to a process for the production of rigid Mr hats (melon ") and is that the soft round squeezed on all sides felt head is clamped firmly and without wrinkles in a conventional stiff hats in the form of an elastic casting mold.

Further characteristics of the invention are in particular auxiliary measures of the process for the purpose of the greater dimensional stability of the Steifhutes and, finally, in the use of special casting molds.

The commonly used now semi-circular rigid men's hats (melons, called) were prepared in such a way that the corresponding roughly squeezed soft felt head and the correspondingly shaped brim by known chemical stiffening agent such.

As shellac, was made rigid, thereby retaining the shape for a long time for normal use.

The disadvantage of this known MateI1alsteifung, however, was that the bump edges in rigid felt were permanently visible when mechanical requirements, such as shock or compressive deformations, after the buckling of the hat to its original shape, because the stiff felt exhibited at these points fracture traces which hat the made unusable, said after the bulging apart from the visible fault line entered permanent deformation of the circular shape of the bump map.

According to the invention, this disadvantage is avoided by the stiff hat, especially at-risk for the dent bodies is made of soft felt and the stiffness is achieved by an elastic insert in the soft felt, so that each Hutdeformation in soft felt remains without a trace and However, the stiff hat shape is retained permanently.

In the drawing, the longitudinal section through a rigid Herrenhut prepared by the process.

The soft felt hat made in a known manner in the usual form is pressed on the question head shape during treatment.

About the same head shape an elastic braid or a fabric is stretched and precisely adapted to the head shape and obtained by lower Rim strip in this form.

This mesh or fabric is conveniently od in flat areas or strips of horsehair, steel wire, artificial silk. Like. Or a combination of these elements made such that the tissue or

Geflechtefäden each other have free play, so that the casting mold made of this network by precise adaptation to the hat shape in question is reliable elastic and mechanical deformations with respect to its shape remains constant, ie indented bumps through the tissue and

Geflechteelastizität be immediately bulged again automatically.

The braid made about the hat shape or

Stiff tissue form may be even more by shellac, tragacanth od. Like. Stiffened.

About the thus prepared casting mold which exactly in their surface dimensions corresponds THEREFORE the inner dimension of said produced Hutkopfes, the soft felt head is then stretched on all sides firmly and without wrinkles, whereupon the casting mold is conveniently held constant and fixed by the subsequently sewn welding leather inside the Hutkrone.

On the drawing 1 soft hat head of the produced rigid Herrenhutes H, 2 the clamped elastic stiff shape from the described woven or braided,

3, the point at which the elastic casting mold is supported on the sweatband sewn 4.

To increase the dimensional stability of the hat, the highest point can be stiffened 1 ades Hutkopfes by shellac coating or by rubber inserts inside the Hutkopfes which stiffening r runs against the edge 1, so that the risk margin. 1 r vault in any case made of soft felt.

Similarly, also the lower

Impregnating agent or inner rubber inserts his stiff which bracing against the curved edge 1?

'The Hutkopfes to runs.

There are then the highest point 1a of Hutkopfes and bottom edges of the Hutkopfes 1a by the impregnating agent or the rubber mat and the elastic casting mold 2 stiffened, while the for dents most vulnerable border 1r the hat shape only by the casting mold 2 in shape is obtained, since this part of the felt is soft.


1. A process for the production of rigid Mr hats. characterized in that the soft round pre-pressed felt head (1) via an elastic, shape of the head of the Filzkopfes exactly matched stiff insert (2) is stretched on all sides firmly and without wrinkles.




A method according to claim 1, characterized in that the soft felt head (2) is on the lower edge (1u) stiffened to extend up against the head.



The method of claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the agent is (1a) of the Hutkopfes (1) stiffened to extend against the edge (1r).



Stiff man's hat, made by the method according to claim 1, characterized in that the stiffening insert made of an elastic mesh or fabric is a free game thread.



Stiff man's hat, made by the method according to claims 2 and 3, characterized in that the extending stiffening the lower edge (1u) and crown part (1a) of the Hutkopfes is formed by extending in its thickness rubber inserts

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Process for the production of rigid Mr hats.


The invention is a further feature of the subject of the patent no. 133,275, according to which is clamped in a process for the production of rigid men's hats of soft felt head via a rigid elastic insert.

In the further elaboration of this article has shown that it is necessary, the felt hat with elastic stiffening insert solid, ie to be joined by an adhesive, so no unsightly wrinkling of the detached for a short time by the stiff insert also when pressing the hat felt arises.

It is applied, for example, to that end between the liner and the stiff felt gutta-percha, so that at the hot pressing is formed an intimate connection between insoluble stiff liner and felt.

Of course, any other suitable binder is equally, if it only has no tendency to brittleness.

The preparation of such a hat is very easy for.

B. an elastic Palrrgeflecht pasted over with a thin felt and then molded to Steifhut, wherein it is not necessary to take a special piece of felt for the edge, but wherein it is possible to prepare the coating for the upper edge and lower edge of a single thin Filzstumpen so that the coating is stretched around the inside edge of the inserted Steifhutes around from one piece over the lower edge to the inside of the hat.

While the head of the cap consists of two layers, namely Filzoberschicht, elastic inner layer, the edge thus consists of three layers, felt on the upper margin, elastic intermediate layer and felt on the bottom edge.

Of course it is also easily possible to glue the bottom edge with another substance, Hiezu about to take a black silk fabric, giving the hat is a particularly pleasing appearance.

** WARNING ** end of DESC field known overlap the beginning of CLMS **.




A process for the production of rigid Mr hats according Pat. No. 133 275, characterized in that the felt with the elastic stiffening insert by a bonding agent (adhesive) is fixedly connected.

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