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A Method For The Manufacture of Melone (Bowlers). French Patent Nr. 756192A (1933). M. Adolf Sindermann


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A method for the manufacture of bowlers.

The present invention relates to a procéd.é for the manufacture of rigid cap hats of the said form melons and resides in that after the flexible molded cap in its classic rounded shape for the bowler it reaches all shares sharply and without folds on an elastic rigid frame.

On others- features of the invention reside in particular artifices of the process in order to obtain the maximum dimensional stability of the hat and also, finally, in the use of special rigid forms.

The manufacture of half-round man hats rigid cap of the said form was melon to date with chemical known starch such as eg shellac, to give the soft felt hat rounded by molding, so that the edge formed in a suitable manner, a stiffness allowing them indefinitely retain their shape under normal use.

However, the disadvantage of this rigidity conferred as known to the material residing in that when, after mechanical deformation resulting for example from a shock or pressure, it is restored to its original form hat, traces of dented the party remained indefinitely stiff felt it with these points of fracture primers that made it unusable hat, besides, furthermore contour fractures remain after deletion of depression, the cap never fully regained its rounded shape to where it had been dented.

According to the invention, this disadvantage is avoided in that the rigid cap hat, especially where it is exposed to be dented, is made of soft felt and that the rigidity is obtained by means of a resilient inner armature, so that any deformation of the cap leaves no trace in the soft felt, however, that the cap indefinitely retains its rigid form.

The drawing shows a longitudinal section of a bowler manufactured by the method according to the present invention.

After receiving manufacturing, as we know, the usual form, the soft felt hat is molded during shaping on an appropriate form.

This tends form a lattice or an elastic fabric that closely conforms to the shape and is maintained in this position by means of clamping bands marginal.

This mesh or fabric is preferably manufactured in sheets or steel wire bristle strips, rayon, etc., or by a combination of these elements, so that the son of the mesh or fabric free play between them, so that the stiffness obtained by using this lattice by a close fit to the shape clothed significantly resilient character and provides indefinite indeformability to mechanical tests, that is to say so that the depressions are immediately and automatically erased due to the elasticity of the fabric or mesh.

The form given to the rigid fabric or mesh on the form can be made more steep by shellac, tragacanth, etc.

Above the rigid armature thus obtained whose surface dimensions correspond consequently exactly to the inner surface dimensions of the cover cap to be manufactured, then the cap tends to closely soft felt and without folds on all sides, whereupon permanently fixed frame in its place, preferably by means of leather that is sewn after stroke in the inlet of the cap.

In the drawing, 1 denotes the soft cap of rigid cap H to obtain; 2 denotes the stretched elastic reinforcement within and formed by the fabric or the mesh described above, 3 the point where the resilient armature is supported on the leather 4.

To increase the deformability of the hat can make its more rigid cap at its top by the application of shellac or through inner plates of rubber, this strengthening is reducing in the direction of 1r edge in such a way that rounding ir is in any case consists of soft felt.

Similarly, the lower part of the rotator 1u edge can be stiffened edge upwards as indicated by a starch or internal reinforcement of rubber, this strengthening is reducing in the direction of the party rounded 1r.

Accordingly, the top 1a of the cap so that its bottom edge 1u are stiffened by means of rubber paste or reinforcements and the elastic plate 2, while the rounded 1r of the cap, which is part of more exposed, is kept in shape by the rigid reinforcement 2, this region remains soft felt.





A method for the manufacture of man Hats rigid cap, characterized in that after having molded the soft cap in its rounded shape is the tendency of all units strongly and wrinkle on a resilient rigid reinforcement fitting exactly to the shape of soft felt cap;



The soft cap is stiffened from the lower edge in the direction of its top;



The top of the cap is stiffened in the direction of the curve;



The rigid armature consists of a fabric or a resilient lattice whose son freely play therebetween;



The strengthening of the rotator will by fading from the bottom edge and the top of it is made by rubber plates whose thickness gradually decreases.

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