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Velour Hood Brushing Machine, Austrian Patent Nr. 94440, A. Sindermann in Wien (1923)


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sitting in the bore of the arms 7, set in its radial distance ..

By this arrangement, a limited mobility of the otherwise rigid pillar supports 6 is ensured for free in setting the variable by pressing the brush level within the hub disc 4.

An example wei "e paktÎ3che embodiment is illustrated in FIG. 4 and 4a, according to which the Nabenseheibe 4 is in two parts and worried after inserting the arms a cover disk 4'den external financial statements.

By this means a replacement of the arms is easily possible.

The drive of the Stump wheel is in any way, such as by a sprocket 11, the drive receives a drive shaft 12 which drives simultaneously by means of chains 23, the two BrstenweIIen 13.

In the length of the arms 7 corresponding distance from the shaft 3, the two brushes 2 are fixed on either shaft 13.

Because on the one hand in the operation of the brush bristles contamination occurs, on the other hand is required to protect the same Drehriehtung a changing brushes need to be fixed easily solvable on the shaft.

According to the embodiment shown, seated on the shaft. 13 keyed a Flanschseheibe-M, in which the brushes are easy to replace 2 attached by screws 15.

The centering concerned hiebei projecting beyond the flange-M stub shaft 13th

In order to avoid the formation of vortices and associated tearing of hair brush bristles are arranged only in the corresponding radial distance from Bürstmittelpunkt as concentric Krehring, while the inner circle remains empty.

In Fig. 5a is an example, expedient embodiment of the brush shown in view in which the annular surface bristle radial channels 25 are recessed, on the one hand prevent clogging and thus ineffective If the brush bristles, since d?

s Filzhaar between two brushes sectors can always raise and covered by fresh, not folded bristles wisp, while on the other hand, the brushed hair for the most part fall by the radhien channels 25 of the brush and not entangle the bristles.

The contact pressure of the brushes on the stump with spring loading has the disadvantage that often hiebei the brush and thus the fat and hat were unusable on the one hand by the required lubrication of the spring while Andersen

whose joint is at an angle lever 17, an ever-centric engagement of the contact pressure is achieved and, moreover, the respectively required pressure by adjusting the weight 19 on the lever 17 is adjustable in the simplest way.

To fix the stumps on the Stump carriers serve lever-shaped terminals 8 which are rotatably actuated by a bolt 22 through an eccentric 9 in'einfachster and most reliable way, as has been shown enlarged in Fig. 6 and 6a.

By arranging these terminals, it is possible stumps of different size without adjusting the retaining organ at all times firmly clamp.



1. Velourstumpenbürstmaschine where the stumps are dipped in hot water and pulled through a rotating brush pair, characterized by tapered at the tip, practical essays by (20) on the full strength expandable flat cone Stump support (6).




Velourstumpen BRUSHING claim. 1, characterized in that the rigid arms (7) provided flat cone Stump carrier in the hub disc (4) of the Stump wheel (6) are fixed with play freely in the brush setting level.



Velourstumpen BRUSHING according to claim 1, characterized in that you easily replaceable annular occupied with bristles flat brush bristles have recesses, preferably in the form of radial channels (25).



Velourstumpebürstmaschine according to claim 1 and 3, characterized in that the uniform pressing of the brushes (2) to the stump by weight loading of the brush shaft (13).



Velourstumpenbürstmaschine according to claim 1, characterized in that the fastening of the stump on the supports (6) by means of the eccentric lever (9) operated clamping lever (8).

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