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Carl Ceschka's Söhne Wien

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Carl Ceschka's Söhne Wien

Kaiserstr. 123, Alserstraße 6


Participated in the 1900 Paris Grand Prix.




Title Plate: Carl Ceschka and sons, La Capelo, Vienna

Description Cliché; advertising image of the firm Carl Ceschka and sons; label: " La capelo Esperanto, el la fabriko Carl Ceschka and sons, Vienna, Kaiserstr. 123, Alserstrasse 6 "

Date about 1935






District VII, Kaiserstrasse 123, Wien


Listed in the  Austrian Hat Industry Guide 1926 (see page 14). Robert Ceschka must be a relative.




Listed in the December 20, 1930  Austrian Hat Makers News.  This is the Vienna Hat Makers Coop.





Robert Ceschka is listed in the December 5, 1933  Austrian Hat Makers News.  He is one of two Kommerzialrat (Counsellor of Commerce) listed which is an honorary title so he was an important figure in the Austrian Hat Industry.  The number of donors is way down and there is a plea for help.  This is due the very bad economic situation.




"Donations for the support fund of the Viennese Hatter Cooperative.


Colleagues! Take care of the destitute masters and assistants as well as master and assistant widows and give plentifully to the support fund of our cooperative!


Commercial Councilor Heinrich Sandmann, Head of Department."



I haven't been able to find any post WWII record of the company. It appears the company goes back to at least the mid 1800s. The last record I could find is from the 1944 Vienna City directory. The building looks like it's still intact so not sure what happened.

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