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I received this recent article on Hut Braun Salzburg from ErWeSa / Wolfgang.

Art for the head for over 400 years
In the master hat Hut Braun is much as it was in the old days. Here the hats are still made by hand and in-house production.

TEISENDORF. They still exist: the long-established Bavarian craft companies, true family dynasties. In them, knowledge and the one or other trade secret are passed on for generations. Such a company can also be found in Teisendorf: the master hat maker Braun. A few hundred yards from the center in Bahnhofstrasse stands a long company building. Behind the shop door with its ringing door bell awaits a paradise for friends of headgear: traditional hats, noble hats, hearty hats, small and large, gray, green and brown. "Everybody, really everybody will find something suitable for us," Gisela Braun says to a couple and points to the shelves with hats made of velor, hair and wool felt. "But my husband has a big head," says the customer. And indeed: Gisela Braun gets the biggest size out of the warehouse, which gives it all over Bavaria only in this hatmaking, she emphasizes proudly. Not only in terms of size, also in the forms you are in good hands in Teisendorf. Over 2500 models of wood and metal are waiting to give a hat the right look. "My husband just has to have any shape - it has always been that way and that's what sets us apart."

Lothar Braun proudly leads through his company. We have been around for more than 400 years. Room after room is crossed, everywhere pressing, shapes, raw materials, decorative ribbons and ancient machines. "We use most of them, but some are rarities, they stand here like in a museum," says the company boss with a masterly handiwork as a hatter and modist, his wife, and meanwhile also the children Andrea and Thomas They also have their own equipment for the individual club heads, and there are sometimes thousands of pieces on the orders. "We also work together with a few traditional shops that source their goods from us," says Lothar Braun. 9.5 percent of the customers come from Bavaria, the rest from all over the world. "For example, there is a group of Americans who always come by when they drive to October festivities? In addition to nice hats, the company Braun also ensures that old, aged headgear shine in new splendor again.

Speaking of glamor: Gisela Braun has found a suitable hat for her client. Now he gets another leather strap sewn on as a lacing. Then it is steamed and brushed so that its surface looks flawless. The customer is enthusiastic and orders a second one. Emily and friendly, Lothar and Gisela Braun serve him and also the next customers, who need new traditional hats for their club. They can not complain about a lack of regular customers.

If you're not serving a customer, there's a lot of work to do in the back of the factory: big towers with straw hats stacked on top of each other want to be pressed into shape. What is actually the sentence that many say about themselves: "I do not have a hat-face." All mistaken belief, says Gisela Braun..They have the experience that they had in a shop only three hat sizes to choose from - and there no one can fit really well. " It just needed a "delicate adjustment" in the hat shop, so that everyone could find exactly the right size and shape for his head Cost of a genuine, handmade hat from Braun: between 30 and 170 euros, depending on the material and Ornament.


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Hut Braun Teisendorf, Germany, October 14, 2017
Hut Braun is located in the Teisendorf, Germany which is just west of Salzburg, Austria. I would like to thank ErWeSa (Wolfgang) who posts on the FL occasionally for setting up this fantastic visit. Hut Braun is a primary producer of Trachten Hats but also makes Soft and Stiff Felt Dress Hats. Lothar Braun the owner is a very personable fellow with much knowledge of European Hat Industry. Lothar has obtained machinery from famous former factories such as G. Panizza & C. Ghiffa, Italy. His small scale factory is filled with all kinds of Hat Machinery. I would like thank Lothar and his wife Gisela Braun for the fantastic tour of their Hat Factory and Shop. Here is a link to a (translated) newspaper article that will give you more insight into their operation.


I would highly recommend paying Hut Braun a visit if you are in the Salzburg, Austria area. There website is down at the moment but I will provide the link for the future and I have also included their Facebook page.




Photo Tour



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