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Austrian Hat Industry Guide (1926)


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Austrian Hat Industry Association






The Association include all existing in Austria Hatter cooperatives and lnnungen and of all the members of. Each of these communities body sent for every 50 members of a Delegterten the Association. The Highest number of delegates for one and the same cooperative is set at 6. The Committee is chosen from among the delegates out, which is responsible for the election of the chairman and his deputy. Against the waiting is the Committee as follows:






Association of Cooperatives









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Cooperative allocations for 1926:


1. Class 10 shillings,

2. Class 20 shillings,

3. Class 45 shillings,

4. Class 65 shillings.


Cooperative fees for 1926:


Incorporation due 30 S

Branch fee 20 S

Fee for the master's examination 30 S

Hiring fee 5 S

Certification charge 5 S

Charge Your teaching letter S 3

Tax for the journeyman's examination 3 S


The Hiring and Certification takes place every Monday and Wednesday. The apprenticeship is of three years fixed to the employment agency: Vienna, V., Stolberggasse 42nd


Cooperative Insurance




From the state of Employees:


Office hours daily from 8 to. 3 .Uhr.

Saturday, from 8 to .2 clock.


Sickness benefit payment for Women Friday 9 to 12 clock.

Men Saturday 10 to 12 clock.


Closed on Sundays and public holidays.


Insurance are all among the comrades nomic with broken employed assistants as well as the standing in use among the members of the cooperatives of producers Hatter and straw hat apprentices.


Ness with fellow members who have insured their employees in the aforementioned health insurance, are entitled to register the policy for their domestic help in this health insurance.


Registration and de-registration.


The comrades nomic with members must register their entry to the debtor in the health insurance assistants at this no later than the third day after the start of employment and after termination of employment within three days unsubscribe any emerging from the employment assistant again.


This registration and de-registration has other delinquency, unconcerned by the duration of the employment relationship, as well as from within or employed outside of the operation to be carried out.


The application must include:

a ) the first and last name to register in;

d ) the dates of birth;

c ) the nature of the employment;

d ) the date of admission to employment;




e) the information necessary for classification in the wage class latest editions (weekly wages).


The cancellation must contain the name and surname of the wish to deregister and the date of exit from employment.


The employer is granted on request and against payment postage refunded on the confirmation message.


The benefits to the cash register and the cashier of the members will be announced on the basis of regulations employers occasionally.


Sick Leave.


When sick leave the cash office must be presented the membership book, legitimacy in all cases. The message is. only be considered from the till physician, when the contributions are stamped orderly, that is, from the legitimacy must be apparent that the member with his contributions do not have the statutes moderate granted period (six weeks) is in arrears.


Diseased members have to report to the checkout doctors concerned districts, which causes the sickness notification of the relevant funds in the member cooperative health insurance.


For instructions for baths, therapeutic aids, etc, have become the sick at the Association office, Vienna, VI, Königseggasse 10, 1st floor to turn. The relevant cash-doctor is in all enterprises (factories, workshops, offices, etc.) and to check in all pharmacies.


The sickness benefit, as long as the illness lasts, and if they are not ends earlier, granted by 40 weeks from the onset of the disease, namely a week afterwards.


After 30 weeks of continuous membership diseased members are entitled to a 78 weekly sickness benefit.









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  • habigman changed the title to Austrian Hat Industry Guide (1926)
  • 6 months later...

Well, it only took me five years to really examine this post! Thank you! I found several entires for my great-grandfather, Sigmund Lichtanthal and his sone, Paul. It is ingteresting that there no ad for the company, Lital, considering Sigmund (also called Joachim) was a committee member. I also found a listing for another company at the address of the Lital compnay (Mariahilferstrasse 88a) so now I need to research that!!

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  • habigman changed the title to Austrian Hat Industry Guide 26)(19
  • habigman changed the title to Austrian Hat Industry Guide (1926)

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