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Kohlndorfer Velour Hutfabrik Miesbach / Oberbayren


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Kohlndorfer - Hückel  Weilheim - , size 57cm, probably mid 1950s. It appears to be a mix of two hat companies, Hückel Weilheim (sweatband) and Kohlndorfer (liner). I know that Hückel Weilheim also repaired hats when they first started (they were in a small garage) so it could be from that time period although everything looks original. I am just starting to look into Kohlndorfer Hutfabrik Miesbach, Germany. This is a fantastic hat and a gift from ErWeSa(Wolfgang) which I met up with in Salzburg on my January 2016 trip to Germany, Austria and Italy. Thanks!















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Kohlndorfer "Erko", size 54cm, possibly 1920s.  














Liner logo enhancement by Dinerman(Spencer)on the FL.




"Erko" trademark (Marke Erko) for Ernst Kohlndorfer Miesbach / Oberbayren Velour Hutfabrik.




Deutsche Hutmacher Zeitung, December 15, 1936

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The following is a translated from "Chapeau, Das Westalgäu behütet die Welt, Die Geschichte der Hutprodukrion in Lindenberg und Umgebung, 2015" (This is a great book that I purchased at the Deutsches Hut Museum Lindenberg).

The following section discusses Post WWII Felt Hat and Felt Hood production for Lindenberg Hat Companies: Masyer Milz, Ottmar Reich and Aurel Huber.

Ottmar Reich's Fur and Velour Hat Stumps were manufactured by Miesbach Obb company Kohlndorfer. Ottmar Reich then renamed it as an independent Hat Stump manufacturing plant. Hat Stumps were also purchased from foreign manufacturers, in addition to the Ebreichsdorfer Felt Hat Factory / S.J Fraenkel AG in Austria, from large manufacturers in Monza (Italy). In addition, new factory buildings were built on the factory site of the hat factory Ottmar Reich. A large extension, added 1961-1963 to the today monument-protected "Manz" industrial building, reached along the sunny road until almost the Glasbühlstraße.

From "Chapeau, Das Westalgäu behütet die Welt, Die Geschichte der Hutprodukrion in Lindenberg und Umgebung, 2015"

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