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J. Reichenbach 1913 Catalog, Distributor / Manufacturer Hats & Caps


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J. Reichenbach 1913 from the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg , Germany hat collection. J. Reichenbach were a distributor and small manufacturer of hats and caps.


(Click On Photos To Expand)




Every Hat Has The Mark of Good Quality.

Own Workshops For Manufacture And Repair





"The greatest care is taken to mail the correct fitting hat."


Fashion Shape "Venice"

Latest Soft Hat, smooth and napped felts in stock.

This hat is in black and other colors in stock.


Fashion Shape "Paris"

Latest Stiff Felt Hat with not too narrow edge and semi raised crown




"I attach particular importance to the fact that at all brands, even in the

cheaper price categories only prima bands/ribbons are used."


Fashion Shape "Gent"

Napped feather light felt hat, which is possible to form.


Fashion Shape "Frankfurt"

Wide-brimmed flat hat for younger men.


Fashion Shape "Berlin"

Elegant solid hat shape with curved brim


Velours Hat "Graz"

These hats can be worn in any form and in addition to black many colors are in stock.


Richest Selection. With the current multiform fashion only a small part of the available

forms can be illustrated. My warehouse contains always very wide selection,

suitable for men of any age and every body type. Besides the almost daily incoming

novelties proven forms of previous year are in stock. All soft hat are

available in black and different solid and modern colors are in stock.




"The vested reputation and the annually increasing success of my company offer the

best quality at a good value."

Ladies Riding Hats, Livery Top Hats, Auto Caps


Fashion Shape "Nurnberg"

Narrow band Striking Hat in black and other colors in stock.


Silk Hat "Wien"

Modern Hat with slightly curved brim


Fashion Shape "Dresden"

Round Folded-Hat in smooth and napped felt in stock


Latest Collapsible Top Hat


Repairs. The washing, shaping, coloring, new clothing, etc., of hats, including those who

do not come from my business that is running in its own workshops expertly in the house,

using the finest materials, quickly and cheaply.


Made to Measure. Most forms are from 51-62 cm in stock. Other head diameters, as well as any desired, non-stock form are performed in little days in my workshop.





In addition to my brand world famous brands in stock.


The biggest care is applied with the sales of every hat to correct degree like on exact fit appropriate to the head.


Wide-Brimmed Slouch Hat, black, brown and light gray in stock.


Loden and Hunting Hats in all viable forms, qualities and colors are in stock.


Caps and Cloth Hats (for Men and Boys) in the richest assorments.


Finished Boys Hats in Chicest Forms


Communion and Confirmation Hats in all viable versions.




Setting the tone for the year's seasonal Boater and Panama Hats.


Besides the mentioned type there are of course always a number of other types and forms in stock.


Large Selection of Boys and Staw Hats


Price for Immitation Panamas


Price for Real Panamas


Price for Boater Hats




Department Expedition

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