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Societa Anonima E. Meucci, Fabbrica di Cappelli di Paglia, Lastra a Signa (Firenze)


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Societa Anonima E. Meucci, Fabbrica di Cappelli di Paglia, Lastra a Signa (Firenze / Florence ) catalog and company prospectus ( probably early 1900s) from the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg, Germany hat collection. Lastra a Signa was the birth place of Western straw plait and the plaited straw hat (for example the Boater) production. This is a really fantastic document!











The Societa Anonima E. Meucci founded in 1906 with a capital of 750,000 Liras upgradeable to millions, has raised its establishment in the center of the production and processing of STRAW FLORENTINA famous in Lastra a Signa, very large population, which is 14 minutes from station in Florence.


The factory completely built "ex novo" represents the most modern and reasonable that may require both with respect to their products, for the welfare of their workers.


Powerful machining for steam generation, 2 boilers 500 mc: heated surface and the driving force. 2 motor 5 HP, generator for producing the energy that fuels 5 electric motors and provides lighting to the entire width accommodation at ease air-filled rooms, equipped with radiators and electric fans, to society MEUCCI ensure the best conditions for preparing their products and everything for your comfortable can aspire operators.


Specializing in the production of fine and extra-fine for men, ladies and children hats at its disposal the most modern and perfect equipment and excellent workers who guided and continuously monitored by the heads of "sharing" in the most minute details produce the finished works.


The proximity and ongoing relationships with creators fashion centers like Paris. London etc. facility available to purchase raw materials in their own production centers, put into society NIEUCCI in promising position to provide its extensive and affects customers items that are in vogue, whether in form, either the quality of the raw Mateas, whether all those concerned to have exquisite ornaments.


The care and accuracy that is used in the smallest detail give the Company MEUCCI the possibility of achieving the product meeting undoubtedly the LIGHTNESS trinomial, Solidarity and elegance, these conditions you rush to straw hat, so that the brand SAE MEUCCI you can victoriously defying any competition.













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