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Fléchet Vous Présente Quelques Modèles De Sa Collection De Printemps 1953


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Fléchet Vous Présente Quelques Modèles De Sa Collection De Printemps 1953, Fléchet Presents To You Some Models From Their Spring Collection 1953, from the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg, Germany hat collection. . There are some interesting fabric hats (very rare finds).


(Click on Photos to Expand)






2525. Modern Line 1953 Flechet real young and sporty.




2572. Velours, for hunting, mountains, sports, saddle stitching and over welt edge.




80 T. Nylon and felt hat, waterproof, fully rib. 82 T. Popline (type of fabric) Felt, ? .




2535. Escapade multicolored half satin, elegant shape to wear notes all around, 3 stitched edge. Can be realized in all qualities.

2527. Carefree, ?




2534. Antelope finish, slight edge narrow stripe, a distinguished shape and youthful.




2560 ? 81 T Nylon Felt, ?




2538. Franc cut, large enough volume, wide brim, topped with pleated ribbon.


2546. Mousseline* without primer, very flexible, particularly comfortable, discrete ventilation, ?, Hat of Spring, of Sport, future formula of headgear for men.

*a fine sheer fabric (as of rayon) that resembles muslin




Twice a Year, for the Spring and Autumn, Fléchet presents new models that tomorrow's fashion. If Fléchet hats for ladies and gentlemen are the most perfect elegance, if they are "young they also offer every guarantee of comfort, flexibility and use. Their felt is of incomparable quality and flawless finish. Fléchct justified its motto :


Fléchet the Perfect Hat

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