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Wilhelm Ispert Köln


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Wilhelm Ispert Köln. They were a whole seller / importer that are still in business today. I am not sure what hat companies made the hats for them. 




The above listing is from the following exhibition guide that I found at the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Hat Museum, Bad Homburg. I took photos of a couple more of these exhibition guides. Eventually I will post their entire content.


"Exhibition and Meeting of Men's Hat Retailers from Nordrhein-Westfalen, June 14, 1950, "Gruga" in Essen/Ruhr"




Also listed in the Dehazet Supplier Directory For The Entire Hat Industry And Related Businesses" (1928).





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Harras "Extra", 55cm, very good condition, probably mid 1950s. I couldn't find any hat company with W.I.K. initials. Could be Wilhelm Ispert Köln. They were a whole seller / importer that are still in business today. If this is the case I am not sure what hat company made the hat for them. This one belongs to Manfred.

Photos missing.

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  • habigman changed the title to Wilhelm Ispert Köln

Wilhelm Ispert Köln acquired the Möckel mark back in the 1930s.  PH. Möckel went out of business in 1931 because of the World depression.  Here is a Wilhelm Ispert Köln advertisement from December 1936 that mentions the Möckel mark.


(From: Deutsche Hutmacher-Zeitung, December 15, 1936)

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Wilhelm Ispert Köln distributed some of the mystery WW2 era or older Wool hats with the following paper label types.  My guess is the Hat Manufacturer was one (or more than one) of the major Wool Hat Factories in Guben, Germany.



WISKO = Wilhelm Ispert Köln



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