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Hugo Hüttenrauch K.G., (Mechanical Earmuffs Factory), Buttstädt, Germany


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Hugo Hüttenrauch K.G., (Mechanical Earmuffs Factory), Buttstädt, Germany










The Mechanical Earmuff was invented on November 14, 1902 by Hugo Hüttenrauch in Buttstädt, Germany and was patent protected.   As you can see the design is certainly hat friendly.  I have two of these but this one is in NOS condition with the original paper tag. Hard to date but probably 1930s to 1950s.


"The statement of Mechanical earmuffs factory is not only a small piece of jewelry, but also tells a story. The factory Founded in 1902, its owner is Hugo Hüttenrauch. The factory was located in Thuringia Buttstädt. The phrase "Buttstädt Birthplace of earmuffs "has us suggests that the earmuffs here their Origin had. In fact, to Hugo be Hüttenrauch the earmuff inventor and have had a patent on it. He produced various models, the model

"Triumph" is printed on the document. According to bill ordered the receiver - the Business C.B. Wiegandt in Großburschla - in October 1949 all 12 dozen Earmuffs of article Velvet black. Sure, the winter was approaching. 1972 the plant was nationalized and already 1975 production set. Too bad - only was a few years later in the 80s it a earmuffs boom, but for the Buttstädter factory there was no comeback."


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