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Aurel Huber Strohhut Fabrik, Filz Hutfabrik


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The following is a translated from "Chapeau, Das Westalgäu behütet die Welt, Die Geschichte der Hutprodukrion in Lindenberg und Umgebung, 2015" (This is a great book that I purchased at the Deutsches Hut Museum Lindenberg).

The following section discusses Post WWII Felt Hat and Felt Hood production for Lindenberg Hat Companies: Masyer Milz, Ottmar Reich and Aurel Huber. There is some very interesting new information presented here especially the transfer of Felt Stump / Hood production from Mayser Ulm (Felt Stump Factory destroyed) to Masyer Milz (until 1971) and the use of expelled J. Hückel and Sons workers at Aurel Huber (and most likely at Mayser Milz and Ottmar Reich).

28. Deutsche / German Mark and Economic Miracles

Investment in Production of Felt

The company Aurel Huber began in 1948/1949 with its own Felt Stumpen/Hood production. After the end of the war, it was cut off from its former source of supply in the former East of Germany (for example, Ratibor in Silesia) and was now planning its own crude factory in Lindenberg. Unlike the company Mayser-Milz, however, had no own production experience in this field. It compensated for this by recruiting Sudeten-German hat specialists, who had been expelled from Czechoslovakia in 1945. These specialists came from the hat city of Neutitschein in the "Kuhländchen" via the English and American occupation zones, and as early as mid-1946 Huber had obtained permission from the district president and the French governor in Lindau to recruit relevant hat specialists outside the French occupation zone A general freedom of movement between the western zones of occupation had not yet been agreed upon: it was in particular Rudolf Holub (1897-1970), a former executive employee of the hat factory Johann Huckel in Neutitschein, who took over the construction work of a hair-felt hat-stump production at Aurel Huber and In addition, other former specialists from Neutitschein brought to Lindenberg. From 1948, Huber commissioned residential buildings on Sedanstrasse, later to be built on the Spielermoos site, for these employees.

End of 1948 / early 1949, the hair felts production of the company Aurel Huber went into operation. This raw material also included its own dyeing plant. Here Johann Beier, also from the company Hückel in Neutitschein, had done the set-up work, later he led the entire raw material of the company. On the company premises modern shedhallenve and a new boiler house for steam generation were built for the raw production. The new chimney was probably for reasons of prestige a bit higher than the previously highest fireplace in Lindenberg at the company Ottmar Reich. Also for the hat production itself the factory was extended by new buildings. Most recently in 1950, the connection building with turrets and 1952 a production building in the interior of the factory area.

From "Chapeau, Das Westalgäu behütet die Welt, Die Geschichte der Hutprodukrion in Lindenberg und Umgebung, 2015"

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Aurel Huber "Antilope", 59cm possibly mid 1950s.  I have been looking for an older Aurel Huber for a long while.  They were originally a famous Straw Hat Factory in Lindenberg, Germany (see Mayser Milz & Cie, Ottmar Reich, ect).  I think they started Felt Hat production prior to WWII but really increased production + added felt production post WWII.  Many ex J. Hückel´s Söhne (Czechoslovakia) ended up working for Aurel Huber post WWII.  I am not sure why it's so difficult to find older Aurel Huber hats but this one is fantastic.  The Antilope finish is great and the felt easily dry creases.  I am not sure if the vents are original but they lineup properly so highly possible.








Open Crown



Natural Light



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