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Hch. Klipper & Comp. Offenbach a. M.


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Hch. Klipper Offenbach a. M. "Extra Quality", measures 58.5cm, Crown 5 1/2 inches, Brim 2 inches, 156 grams, Wool or Wool Blend, no paper label, Owner dated 1905.  This Melone has a really interesting Form and Brim work with a 1 3/4 inch Ribbon / Band.  I will take a photo wearing it so you can see the overall effect.  Unfortunately there is some damage to the front of the ribbon but it's 100+ years old.  I think the seller's (belonged to great grandfather) dating is accurate. 














Worn in Natural Light






This fantastic Melone belonged to Heinrich Moog (1879-1957) of Gedern, Germany.  






Photos courtesy of Elke Leber Great Grand Daughter.

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I was able to find a small help wanted advertisement for Hch. Klipper & Comp in the  Intelligenz-Blatt der freien Stadt Frankfurt, Part 4 (1862).  I am also waiting on some more information from the Seller.




818 A solid boy from a decent family can learn the furrier and cap business at Hch. Klipper & Comp. in Offenbach a. M.

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Henrich Klipper Offenbach a. M.




Store Front probably 1930s




City Directory, 1937-1938




100 Year Anniversary Store Front (1958), Copyright Felix Trejtnar




Echter Borsalino Display




Store Front 1950s, Copyright Felix Trejtnar




100 Years Hat Klipper (04/01/1958)


A well-known Offenbach specialty store for men's hats, Heinrich Klipper, Frankfurter Straße 5, celebrates its 100th anniversary today. The furrier and captain Heinrich Klipper .., from Mühlheim founded 1858 in the Offenbacher Schloßstrasse a fur and hats shop. Mr Klipper was a lively business man with a keen eye for the development of the men's fashion: very soon he changed his business into a special shop for men's hats and caps.


The company picked up a strong upturn, and an expansion of the business premises was necessary after a short time. Mr. Klipper moved his company more into the city center and finally opened a new shop - Frankfurter Strasse 5 - shortly before the turn of the century. In 1909 he handed over the company of his daughter Meta Klipper, the current owner. Fraulein Klipper had spent two years at the Handelsschule before the takeover of the company and then trained herself practically. Through good and hard times Fraulein Klipper led the company. Especially in the Second World War, she had to overcome many difficulties, and after the end of the war it was necessary to remove the war damage that had arisen. The owner took the opportunity to have the sales rooms modernized according to the given possibilities. Even today, it is the name of the company and is popular and popular in many old Offenbach families. Hearty congratulations to the anniversary!




Closeout Sale (Saturday November 20, 1965)


After 108 years we leave the new design of the inner city and close our hat store.


We are selling our large stock in men's hats and caps of the first brands at very low prices.


Hat Store Heinrich Klipper


Offenbach / Main, Frankfurter Straße 5




Business Opening


By this I allow myself the devoted display that I am at the local place


Frankfusterstrasse 5, close to Market


A complete and rich stock in


Felt, Silk and Straw Hats


For men, boys and children, at very moderate but fixed prices.

It will be my eagerest endeavor to always lead the most recent and most fanciful in all qualities and if necessary I consider myself highly recommended.


H. Klipper,

Frankfusterstrasse 5, close to Market

Offenbach a.M., April 2, 1892


H. Klipper Timeline (Elke Leber)


Hat shop Hch. I can confirm the Klipper in Frankfurter Strasse;

The entries in the trade registers are, however, contradictory on the founding date (this must be for a new location, S. Heck)


Heinrich Klipper started on the 4th of April 1892 as a furrier with a shop and a hatter in Frankfurter Straße 5. He was also the owner of the property.


As of March 31, 1913, the business was run by Heinrich August Klipper and Meta Auguste Klipper (daughter), from April 4, 1914, Meta Auguste Klipper is the sole owner.


In a later business card "canceled plants until 1969" is indicated as founding date 1858.


From 1.12.1946, Meta Auguste Klipper expands its assortment with gift items and toys. It runs the business until 4.6.1963. The commercial register writes that due to the succession of the company the company goes over to Elisabeth Jung. She leads the retail trade with hats and hats until 31.12.1965.




I received this fantastic information from the lady (Elke) who sold the following H. Klipper Stiff Felt Hat (belonged to her GGF) to me.





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Hch. Klipper Offenbach a. M. "Extra Quality" early 1900s. I posted this old German Stiff Felt a few months ago. I took a real liking to it but the ribbon was damaged so I decided to buy some Mokuba (Japan) Silk ribbon which turned out to be a good match. I contacted Bob at Black Sheep Hat Works (BSHW) and he graciously accepted to install the new ribbon / bow. Unfortunately when the Stiff Felt arrived at BSHW the box had been crushed and the Stiff Felt had major crown dents. Bob did a masterful job of fixing the dents, cleaning up the felt and installing the new ribbon / bow. The bow design matches the original so of the time period. A big Thank You to Bob!










This is the original damaged ribbon / bow that Bob replaced.






Shipping damage and Bob's repair of the crown dents.



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Bob had to remove the liner and discovered some writing on the top and sides of the liner (also on the sweatband).










I decided to investigate and I received the following information from Florian Hardwig of TypeDraws.com History of Typography forum. Florian, Thank you for this great information!


>I am a collector of German and Austrian vintage hats. I have an old Melone/Bowler hat and the following writing was found on the back of the liner.

I don’t see how the script could help with the dating. The first image includes a line saying “R. 1857”, but that doesn’t tell us much.

The sign on the inside is more revealing: “H[einri]ch Klipper Offenbach, a.M.” is in Behrens-Schrift, a typeface that was first cast by the Rudhard’sche Gießerei in 1901. The sign can’t be any older than that. Behrens-Schrift was immensely popular in the first and second decade of the 20th century, but it’s impossible to rule out a later date.


>Do you think the 22 1/2 might be Zoll?

That sounds plausible to me. I don’t know about hats in particular, but at least in some areas, Zoll remained a common unit until deep into the 20th century.


Also what about the single letter on the inside of the sweatband?

No Fraktur, but rather a bold Antiqua with ball terminals, as it was common in the time and period, cf. this piece of fascia lettering from Heidelberg. It could be either a ‘J’ with a spur, or bifurcated base (as in a Tuscan), or simply a minuscule ‘r’. A wild guess: Would the manufacturer have felt the need to denote the right-hand (rechts) side?


>Do you have any idea why "Extra Quality" was used on the liner? In most cases you see "Extra Qualität" (see below). Could this be time specific?

I assume the English spelling was chosen because it appears underneath the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom.



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