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Mayser's Hutfabrik G. M. B. H. Receipt for Felix Fenn Dresden, October 24, 1931.


Notice the size breakdown (handwritten) for each model. 


Here is a Mayser's "Orion" from the same time period. 


The following is very interesting.


Extract from the Sales, Delivery and Payment terms of the Central Association of Hat Manufacturers Germany e. V. in dealings with Men's Hat Retail. (1/1/1928)

Invoices are payable in gold marks (§ 3 Coins Act of August 30, 1924. 1: 2790 kg fine gold) 30 days after the end of the delivery month with a 2% discount or 60 days after the end of the delivery month: net without discount.

Respect days are not granted. - Bills of exchange can be taken in payment, then a minimum discount rate of 2% above the Reichsbank discount for bills of up to three months, a rate of 4% per Reichsbank discount for bills of exchange with a longer term and for bills on secondary places.

Deliveries from the 26th of the month from are considered deliveries of the following month

3% are credited to Reichsbank discount for advance interest for advance payment, and 3% to Reichsbank discount for default interest if the target is exceeded.

Cash account is not granted if older invoices are still unpaid.

Small deviations from the delivery quantity due to manufacturing defects do not have to be delivered later.

Made-to-measure hats and orders for up to three pieces per shape and color are subject to a surcharge of 10%; A width of more than 60 cm is 20%.

If the manufacturer is in error, before the customer can assert any other right, a grace period of 18 working days must be set (registered letter).

The place of performance is the location of the manufacturer's branch. The place of jurisdiction for claims by the manufacturer is also the Berlin-Mitte courts.

The group of detailed manufacturers of the Central Association of Hat Manufacturers in Germany E.V.

K. Bronnold, Gebr. Gattel, J. Hückel 's Söhne, Mayser's Hutfabrik.G.m.b.H., Gebr. Messerschmidt, Ph. Möckel, Rehfus & Cie, A. Riedel , C.G. Wilke. 


Mayser's Hutfabrik G. M. B. H. Receipt for F. Fenn Dresden Cotta, April 3, 1933


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Album für (for) Mayser 's Neuheitens (New Releases), Mai (May) 1914, from the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg , Germany hat collection.

(This is a large image so you have to click on it to see the details. Very interesting Bow designs and of course great hats from May 1914.  Also has the "Art/Form" and "Farbe/Color" numbers)


"Art/Form" is "Form" in English.  The "Art/Form" number is 5 digits for Soft Felts and all start with 34 (1914).  The "Art/Form" number is 4 digits for Stiff Felts and the only examples starts with 48 (1914).  The numbers increment because here are some later examples (probably at least WWII era).

"Art/Form" 49703 (Possible Oldest Soft Felt)  - "Art/Form" 34846 (First Hat, Upper Left) = 14857 (Difference Since 1914)
I wasn't able to match any of the older Mayser Soft Felt "Farbe/Color" numbers but I will check some of the later Soft Felts.





1937 date stamped envelope from a Dutch Mayser distributor (N.V. Hoedenmaatschappij, Bussum). The Mayser logo on the envelope matches the above sweatband logo.


"Art/Form" 5157 (Possibly Oldest Stiff Felt) - "Art/Form" 4854 (Bottom Center) = 303 (Difference Since 1914)
There isn't a "Farbe/Color" number for "Art/Form" 4854 because Black is "Farbe 1" for all Mayser Soft and Stiff Felt Hats I have encountered.





Here is some additional information.

"Art/Form" numbers for October 1931 are 46657, 45023.

Mayser's Hutfabrik G. M. B. H. Receipt for Felix Fenn Dresden, October 24, 1931



Possibly an older Soft Felt with a lower number "Art/Form" 42387.  Possibly from the same time period as the Mayser / Johann Zehme Stiff Felt posted above. This hat belongs to Huthase on the FL.




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Stetson - Mayser "Premier" "Lancer", 57 cm possibly early 1960s.  This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.  Here is his description of the hat. "Bronze colour. Made under license in Germany. Size 57 with the overwelt brim at 5,5cm and the crown at 10cm. It's not my size really, but this is a very attractive colour."


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Mayser Hats Year 125 (1925)

I translated the "Mayser Hats Year 125" booklet from 1925.  You can click on the pages and images to enlarge.  Also click on the embedded links to see the associated images.  I still need to fix some minor translation issues.

Mayser Hats Year 125 (1925)





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Mayser "Libelle", 58 cm, possibly later 1950s.  The Felt has a great color / finish and easily dry creases.  Also a really interesting Bow and Brim treatment.   This is my second "Libelle" so not a common Mark. 







Unique "Echter Mayser" Celluloid Label attached to the Sweatband.  I have never seen one of these before so a very pleasant surprise.






Natural Light




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I made a reverse image of the "Echter Mayser" Celluloid Label and translated the German text to English.


You Made The Right Choice With This Genuine Mayser.

It is the best German brand hat, made from the finest materials.

It preserves your personal touch and protects you from sun and rain.

You will enjoy it for a long time if you entrust its care to a specialist shop.

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