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Old and New Hat, Alter und neuer Hut, THE HAT AND ITS HISTORY, DER HUT -UND SEINE GESCHICHTE, Dr. O. Timidior (1914)


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Old and New Hat.


The famous sculptor Schadow and the minister von Schuckmann were both diligent visitors to a Berlin reading club. The former used to go home early, but the minister was usually the last one in the company and was always picked up in his carriage. One evening the minister was again the last, and indeed the very last one. He found only a single hat in the dressing room. His hat was old and very used, but a brand new hat laid in front of him. If he did not want to go home bare headed, the minister had no choice but to put on his new hat. So he drove home in the stormy rain that had been going on for an hour. Early the next morning the minister was still lying in bed, the bell of his hotel was drawn, a servant brought the old hat of the minister and reported a recommendation by Mr. Schadow, asking for his hat, which His Excellency took yesterday from the Monday meeting. The following Monday, the minister received the following information from the old Schadow:


"I just bought a new hat last Monday. When I wanted to return home in the evening, it was raining heavily, and since I did not want to spoil my new hat, I took yours and thought: Your Excellency would drive mine home safely. "


(Anecdotes - Bibl. Vienna 1876, 2nd volume)


From the book (some day I will post and translate the entire book).


DER HUT -UND SEINE GESCHICHTE Eine kulturgeschichtliche Monographie, von Dr. O. Timidior Mit 85 Abbildungen Zeichnungen von Karl Heidrich (1914)


THE HAT AND ITS HISTORY A Cultural-Historical Monograph by Dr. Ing. O. Timidior With 85 illustrations Drawings by Karl Heidrich (1914)

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