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Ateha, Altenburger Hutfabrik Aktiengesellschaft


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Altenburger Hutfabrik Aktiengesellschaft (Founded August 18, 1923)




The company was founded on 19.08.1923. The purpose was the establishment and operation of a hat factory, the manufacture and distribution of hats of all kinds as well as trade with such brands, in particular continuation of the former companies: Hat Factory August Schatte GmbH, Silk Hat Factory Hugo Carls & Co. and silk hat manufacturer Otto Trumpf. In the factory building is now the Parkhotel am Großen Teich.


Hugo Carls Seidenhutfabrik, Altenburg i. Thüringen

Carls, Hugo, Hutfabrik, Ernststr. 6/7, Altenburg

Foundation: 1901; 1923 to the Altenburger Hutfabrik Aktiengesellschaft; 1928 Repurchase (relocation to: Auf den Rohren, Altenburg); Closure in 1950; Silk and folding hat factory, Chako and Stutz hats.

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Ateha Top Hat (1950)


This great Topper belongs to le.gentleman. New old stock find.


"This was a new old stock top hat from the approx. 1950 - made be Ateha.

It's a very nice hat indeed!

I got it from a good friend who does not live closeby. So, without a confirmateur I had to take my best fitting hat and copy the shape on a piece of paper. Once the hat arrived, it looked perfect, however due to some pressure points I got a headache after a few minutes. So I went to Hutatelier Beermann and Diter Beermann ironed the top hat into the shape of my hat - so now it fits perfectly."



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Probably some type of clerical hat (size 57.5cm). Made by Hugo Carls Seidenhutfabrik Altenburg (H.C. & Co.) which was part of  Altenburger Hutfabrik Aktiengesellschaft (ATEHA) and the store that sold it was A. Spanke of Münster. It could have been custom made (modified?) and has elements of a Top Hat and Bowler. The silk finish, liner, rope and sweatband (hand stitched) are of very high quality. The under brim is fabric lined but not sure of the material. I am thinking 1920s. It came with the original box and is in near mint condition.











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