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Zeitler - Karton, Murnau / Oberbayern, Hat Boxes, Hat Cases, Hat Holders


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I contacted Zeitler - Karton, Murnau / Oberbayern about the Hückel Weilheim Hat Holders I recently found.




This is the translated reply I received from Mr. Herber of Zeitler - Karton, Murnau / Oberbayern (still in business today) regarding the Hückel Weilheim Hat Holder. I would like thank Mr. Herber for supplying this historical information.





Unfortunately we have no more samples of the Hückel Weilheim Hat Holder.


These should be made of solid cardboard and then coated with coloured paper.


The plate with the logo on the Hückel Weilheim Hat Holder was not manufactured in our company, as we assume that these were made of plastic/metal. (They are made of tin or tin like metal/alloy, S. Heck)


But I can imagine that this plate was hand painted.


These plates were probably delivered to us and we then installed them on the Hückel Weilheim Hat Holder.


These Hückel Weilheim Hat Holder should have been manufactured in the 1950s.


You will find attached three pictures of Huckel hat boxes, which were produced in our company in the 1950s."








(Photos courtesy of Mr. Herber of Zeitler - Karton, Murnau / Oberbayern)


Mr. Herber also sent me this photo of some of the Hat Holders and Boxes they made for other Hat Factories (Mayser, Rockel, Ottmar Reich, A. Peschel Dinkelsbühl) and Hat Stores (Breiter Hüte).




(Photos courtesy of Mr. Herber of Zeitler - Karton, Murnau / Oberbayern)

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Mayser Miniature Hat Cartons, made by Zeitler - Karton, Murnau / Oberbayern. Last produced about 10 years ago. They are really well made and the dimensions (L x W x H) are approximately 4 1/4 x 4 x 2 1/4 inches.


(Click on Photos to Expand)













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