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Borsalino Soft & Stiff Felt Hats with Celled Paper Labels


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I found that there are two Celled Paper Label types.


Type 1 (Sweatband Date Stamped 05/17/1929)




Type 2 (No Date)




Type 2 is slightly longer and less wide than Type 1. The Type 2 cell size and alignment are also different. The Type 2 dimensions are more similar to later non celled paper labels. Sometime during the 1930s the Celled Paper Labels were dropped. I am not sure how far back the Celled Paper Labels go.


The following are the Celled Paper Label Borsalinos I found in the Borsalino Brotherhood. Unfortunately some of the photos are lacking in quality.


Echter Borsalino "Fico" "Lama", French Size Point 6, date stamped May 18, 1929, German Market.














(Type 1, Date Stamped 05/18/29)



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The following hats that belong to Tonio have an additional "Campione/Sample" Paper Label on the sweatband with "Refer.", "Modello.", "Colore.", "Feltro." and "Qualita." entries.  The "Modello." and "Colore." entries are also referenced on the Celled Paper Label. 


Borsalino Qualità Superiore(?) "Minetta" "Calabrese", U.S. Size 7 3/8, American Market.






The "Modello./Model"  is the upper left cell of the paper label.  The "Colore./Color" is the lower left cell.  I will have to see if I can find these two "Modello./Model" numbers in the old Borsalino documents.  




Borsalino Qualità Superiore "F" "Georgette", French Size Point 5 1/2, Italian Market.








What is interesting is the "Feltro/Felt. Charlait"  is the same for both the Soft Felt and the Stiff Felt. I couldn't find anything specific regarding "Charlait" and felt but the term was also used by French Hat companies.  Borsalino still uses the term "Charlait" today but appears it to be a model type or style. 


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