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"Present and Future of Men's Hat Propaganda. A new Men's Hat." Österreichische Hut Zeitung, December 10, 1937


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This is from Österreichische Hut Zeitung (Austrian Hat News) December 10, 1937, Page 10. It's very interesting that the Austrian Hat industry had a propaganda campaign to bring back the Homburg Hat.  This is the first time I have encountered the term "Homburg" being used by the Austrian or German Hat Industries. For some reason I never looked close at these December 1937 editions.  Possible the Austrian Hat Industry became more fashion oriented (to help increase sales) and that could be the reason they dropped "macher" from the newspaper name (not sure when this occurred in the 1930s).


"Present and Future of Men's Hat Propaganda.

A new Men's Hat.


A peaceful revolution was taking place before our eyes: The "Homburg" has started to clean up the long-standing fashion of the Snap Brim felt - it dominates the city scape this winter on the heads of the men. All other hat shapes had to give way to the Homburg, only the Stiff Bowler Hat could hold its own --- for certain occasions - alongside the winner. It was "discovered" about 50 years ago, then returned at frequent intervals to reappear for the first time THIS YEAR year in the post-war period since 1918. The cradle of its last renaissance is in Vienna, which the Homburg is now sent all over the world.

Its colors are brown, gray, dark blue, and - for the evening - black.

O. H. S.

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