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"PROPAGANDA FOR THE PROPAGANDA, Anton Pichler Graz", Österreichische Hut Zeitung December 31, 1937


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This is from Österreichische Hut Zeitung (Austrian Hat News) December 31, 1937, Pages 1,2.  This editorial is from Anton Pichler Hutfabrik/Hat Company, Graz, Austria.  The editorial discusses the Viennese "Homburghut / Homburg Hat propaganda campaign of 1937.    



By Ing. Anton Pichler (Anton Pichler Company, Graz).


For New Year's, every newspaper wished its readers all the best. l do not want the readers of the "Hut Zeitung / Hat News" to have a better wish than to take these lines very seriously, in the interest of everyone in the hat industry.

The "Homburg Propaganda 1937" died away with a good tone (the harmonic of industry, trade and commerce) - long live the "? Propaganda 1938"!

The question mark is there in two ways:

1. Much cooperation of the three mentioned factors will bring about the propaganda in 1938 and,
2. If it comes about, which one: will the propaganda committee give us?

l think that the whole industry was very satisfied with the way Homburg propaganda was carried out, that thanks to the committee that put so much effort into it, at least in this form, that it was supported to the best of our ability in any future propaganda by not excluding yourself from the contribution payment and everyone pushing the propagated hat right from the start without waiting for the hat to be "requested".  This is the only way to expect full success, just as we can only experience a material upturn in the industry through constant propaganda. However, unlike the committee, I am of the opinion that for the beginning, especially for financial reasons, only a one-time propaganda would be advisable in the year.


In connection with the Homburg propaganda, I would like to mention that several Viennese retailers told me that this season, which was under the sign of Homburg ", the public had deliberately punched in, was less secular and less selective, so with a smaller warehouse and less loss of time same and even larger sales were achieved.


Incidentally, I was also a witness to what is probably a not uncommon occurrence in a Viennese hat maker's shop: a customer appears and requests a Homburg hat; after a while he tries and explains that Homburg is not to be seen (which was certainly just a matter of habit and imagination). After doing a bit of back and forth, the customer finally chooses a natural cut hat and obtains the following: "I came here only because of the" Homburg Hat ", but if the Homburg doesn't suit me but I still buy a new hat ". This proves that propaganda has aroused people's interest in all hats.

Even in Graz, which was outside the propaganda, the Homburg hat quickly became popular. All the leading retail stores had the Homburg poster** on display and the demand for this hat was surprisingly high in the autumn business. It can clearly be seen from this that Viennese propaganda is also having a positive effect on the province.


I heard about the not uninteresting suggestion to use propaganda in summer with a strong straw hat.  I think this suggestion is daring, but maybe it would be good that it would be very important that men's hats were worn again all year round. As a result, the hat could only be won by the public. What you have more respect for, you add more value and ultimately spend more money on it.

In any case, I think it is important that only hat propaganda is made. The propagated hat must also have the correct name. "Homburg" was good and pragmatic - the audience inevitably had to introduce something. 
Names such as: Naturschnitt Hut/Natural Cut Hat were bad, Rastlhut/ Rastl Hat etc.  In my opinion, names such as B. Schnapper, Melone (Stiff Felt) etc.


Short and sweet the name must impress with a fixed term in the mind and hypnotize the audience.

So we are all clear about the importance of continuing collective advertising. Their establishment depends on the goodwill of the involved journey.

I express my heartfelt hope that, in this regard, the interested associations may shake hands over all difficulties, as the prosperity of an industry is largely due to the understanding bridging of the professional groups, which are usually only apparent in any case.

** Homburg Hut/Homburg Hat, Die Neue Form/The New Form, Der Wiener Hutmacher/ The Vienna Hat Maker Cardboard Display + Dermotta Wien Homburg from my collection.  


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