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"Experiences with the Homburg Propaganda. Judgments from Interested Parties." Österreichische Hut Zeitung, Dec. 31, 1937


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This is from Österreichische Hut Zeitung (Austrian Hat News) December 31, 1937. This is a partial response to a survey sent to the participants of the Autumn 1937 Vienna Homburg Hat Propaganda.  As previously mentioned the Austrian Hat Industry became retail customer oriented around the mid 1930s.  See previous posts for more details.


Experiences with the Homburg Propaganda.

Judgments from Interested Parties.


As we announced in our December 10th issue, the Men' Hat Propaganda Committee has sent a survey to all parties involved in Vienna with the request that they comment on the Autumn propaganda as such and on its effects on hat consumption and make suggestions for them Spring propaganda already in preparation to go. As delightful proof of the great interest that Homburg propaganda is encountering, it should be noted that the Propaganda Committee has already received a large number of responses to this survey. Some of these judgments or suggestions, which almost without exception are in a sense favorable to propaganda, are published below:


The first question, "Were you satisfied with the success of the propaganda?", Was answered almost without exception with a clear: "Yes". The company Peter Dobesch, Vienna, V., writes, among other things: "In any case, spring propaganda is essential" and ".. - Another verdict is: "A common fashion direction stimulates the uninterested in the republic and consumption." - Greater concentration! Participation in all retail business! " - What Mr. Wilhelm Doktor, Vienna, XVI., Speaks about it is quite haunting. He was "completely" satisfied with the propaganda, but made the experience, which is certainly not very pleasant for the industry, "that the same colleagues have to raise the funds again and again" and I finally said very correctly: "Once you have the resources (for Propaganda), do not cite by name, but publish those who, without doing anything, criticize and 'want to belittle the work of others and ridicule them. "When asked which hat to propose for the next propaganda, Mr. Doktor answered as follows:" After careful consideration: the ones recommended by the Propaganda Committee, "for which confidence the Committee would certainly thank Mr. Doktor.


- The response from a company that was only won over to this good cause by the Homburg propaganda is encouraging; it is the company Alois Pichler, Vienna, IV, which describes briefly and aptly: "Homburg Hut has taken action" - Dr. Heinrich Ita says for the retail business of the Ita company: "Serving the customers was simplified because they mostly knew what she wanted to have presented. The stock quantity could be reduced because of the concentration on a certain type. I propose: to do collective advertising always for a certain fashion, be it a new shape or just a new color Hat fashion, like the rest of the fashion, has to change every season. " For summer propaganda, Dr. Ita a straw hat. It is interesting that a manufacturer of felt hats is ready to promote the straw hat; This evidently arises from the realization that the male public should be educated in a fashionable way to always wear hats at the right time of the year, that more felt hats will be sold when the gentlemen are used to them, but never at all, including that hot season not to go without a hat. - The United Band Fabriken A. 0. was satisfied with the propaganda and noted a somewhat "increased need" for tapes. The company "Halake Heinrich Haber says that it (the propaganda) was functional and attracted the attention of the affluent public ". Mr. Gustav Löisch, Vienna, XIV., Says that he was not satisfied with the turnover in November, but he says: “The propaganda reminded your audience that there is hat fashion. I am in favor of collective propaganda absolutely being made twice, because a complete success can be expected not from one time, but only through continued demonstration of the hat: '- Mr S. Weinstock, Vienna, X .. thinks Although: "Homburg cannot be said to have been a success"; but he is in favor of the continuation of the propaganda through posters and press and, like all the other cited Firms, has again put his little on the lookout.
The Josef Kainz company, Vienna , V., was satisfied with the propaganda, only advocates an earlier start.

We will publish further correspondence received in our next issue.

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