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Carl Weyrich Wien, Hutmacher


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Carl Weyrich Wien possibly mid 1890s - early 1900s.  

"Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria - A Personal Bowler Hat, Carl Weyrich III. Fasangasse 17 Wien, black wool felt, silk repp band and rim trimmed with silk repp band, leather sweat band, silk lining, on the inside manufacturer’s mark "Carl Weyrich III. Fasangasse 17 Wien" with imperial double eagle and the emperor’s gold-embossed initials "FJI.", 31.5 x 26 cm, c. 1900, (Lu)

Personal bowler hat of the emperor, worn in civil dress. There are several photos of the emperor showing him with this hat model. Especially well-known is the image of Emperor Francis Joseph I with his grandnephew Archduke Charles Francis Joseph in the year 1894 in a park at Cannes.

The Realized Price: EUR  25,300"





You can see more detailed photos here.


If scroll down to Lot 86 you can see the Realized Price.


I couldn't find any detailed in information on Carl / Karl Weyrich so can't say if the Stiff Felt was sourced or made in house.  The physical location on Google Maps is retail today but there could have been some type of small production.  Carl / Karl Weyrich doesn't come up in any of Austrian Hat Maker News member lists.  He is listed on page 25 of the Austrian Industry Guide (1926).


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