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Franz Gober München F. G. M.


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Heather green (very thick felt) F. G. M. Försterhut, size 57 (fits like long oval 58cm). The tapered crown is about 6 inches open and the felt ribbon close to 3 inches. The company patch is missing. Probably late 1950s early 1960s. I am very happy about this find. :)















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Franz Gober München (1927) from the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg , Germany hat collection. This is the companies 25 year anniversary catalog. There are some great soft felt dress hats including some fantastic Velours. Click on photo to expand.






By July 1927, the conclusion takes a

Quarter of a century since the founding of my company.

A review of the steady development of my business

am to today's high and the fact that

the initially small circle Dear customers today

yet almost auonahmoloo to my customers geschazten

pays, fill me with joyful satisfaction and determine

Me, the recent principle to remain faithful.


This booklet shows wages sent out my specialty

the latest fashion creations of our industry,

which you'll find in my collections. Continue

brings you the leading men of my house,

which for many years my faithful employees,

In addition, a number of sights of interest, to which

our beautiful Bayerland is exceedingly rich.


For your old benevolence I express my

Gratitude and thus connect the request, my home

wanting to remain true for the result.


With special appreciation


Franz Gober












Soft Felt Dress Hats including some fantastic Velours and other speciality finishes / felts.







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Franz Gober München "Bayerland" "Alba", French Point 5 possibly 1930s late 1920s.  This hat belongs to Stefan on the FL.  Here is his description. "Black Velour, Size 57 (but has shrunk somewhat) with the brim at 7cm and the crown 11cm at the center dent. This is a substantial hat in every way and that won me over. Weighs 147 grams."





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