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Barbisio,  Barbisio  "Apollo", Bakelite Hat Markers, possibly 1920s.


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Barbisio ABBONAMENTO AL BOLLO SIG (S.I.G.) CELLOGRAF MILANO**,  Barbisio "Apollo" ABBONAMENTO AL BOLLO MADE in FRANCE, Bakelite Hat Markers, 6 cm X 4 cm, possibly 1920s.



It was founded in the twenties of the twentieth century with the name Società Industrie Grafiche Cellograf , in Milan [1], from Natale Sciascia, with the aim of making prints on celluloid. Its production soon extended 
to advertising objects commissioned by various companies for display (advertising plates enriched with tear-off calendars or thermometers) at shops and administration points. There are countless companies for which 
Cellograf has prepared advertising plates, now almost all extinct (the Gamberini Biscuit factory, Subsequently, the production also extended to exhibitors and retail objects for free or for sale (stickers, playing cards). 
progressively during the eighties, until it ceased completely at the end of the decade, when the attention had shifted to the magnetic and telephone cards sector.


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