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DIE BÜHNE (Wien), "Kleider machen Leute, der Hut — den Herrn",  Von KommerziaIrat Richard Schwarz / THE STAGE (Vienna), " Clothes Make the Man, The Hat— The Gentleman" (1929)


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DIE BÜHNE (Wien), "Kleider machen Leute, der Hut — den Herrn",  Von KommerziaIrat Richard Schwarz / THE STAGE (Vienna), " Clothes Make the Man, The Hat— The Gentleman", By Commercial Counselor Richard Schwarz, Issue 232 1929. Österreichische Nationalbibliothek



What use is the most beautiful suit, if hat, tie and shoe are not in harmony with it or even shabby!
Unfortunately, it is still not clear to every gentleman (or, say, every Austrian) that he can give his appearance only through the correctly chosen tie, the correctly chosen hat that harmony, which appears elegant and distinguished. The Englishman and the American have recognized this for a long time and this year they turn their wisdom all the more eagerly as the fashion is particularly colorful.

What is modern? What’s gonna be modern? The lightweight velour hat, which is a specifically Austrian product. It is already heavily bought by England, France and America. One hand washes the other: in return for this comes the Panama, which was already worn strongly last season in England and America. Ecuador is already rubbing its hands with pleasure.

As far as the shapes are concerned, the "Snapper" is no longer bent slightly at the front, but rather strongly. On the other hand, for elegant wearing it is not bent at all and lets it, in its calm form, imitate the "Homburg" a rimmed hat . This elegant hat still reigns supreme, especially in bright colors.

For those gentlemen who love their comfort and sigh heavily under the torments of the proper suit during the heat of summer, I also have a joyful message: The American fashion of jacketless is also becoming a fixture in Western countries in Europe, and is likely to permeate our territory as well. In the summer you will wear the silk shirt with the beautiful, cheerful tie and no jacket - with a light, elegant hat, which will be either a "Snapper" or a Panama. So also with this half negligent dress it will be the hat, which gives the outfit and the whole appearance of the gentleman the elegant touch.

Side Note: I usually avoid fashion related articles but I found this one interesting because it mentions a Light Weight Austrian Velour Hat and a the Jacketless trend / movement circa 1929.  The bottom right photo is of a man wearing a slightly snapped (normally worn without snap) Lightweight Velour with tie but without jacket.

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