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Brüder Böhm Hutfabrik

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The Brüder Böhm company was established in 1848 in Vienna , and 19xx - Advertising-window-bust of Brüder Böhm Hüte company in Wien(Vienna)from the 19th of November, it became a Bruder Bohm - poster public business association. The first members were Bernhard and Naphtali Böhm. In 1880 their sons Jindrich, Zikmund and Leopold, who were studying hat making in England, became associates. In 1884 Brothers Böhm established a branch in Prague-Bubenec. Although manufacturing continued in Vienna , the Prague branch grew and employed up to 1200 workers. In 1897, Vienna's famous soccer club "SK Rapid Wien" originated in the Vienna branch of the Böhm factory, as the 1st players and coaches were workers and (English) engineers in the Böhm factory. In 1906 the Böhm factory was the 2nd largest of its kind in Vienna (after Harbig) with about 400 producers, suppliers and dealers.


In 1906 brothers Schlesinger built a factory for hat making in Nový Jičín (Neutitschein). This factory was in today’s Luzicka street. Viktor Böhm, with the help of Mr. Kolba, a citizen of Nový Jičín, established a factory across from the Schlesinger factory, where they implemented innovations/inventions in hat making machines.


The company was called Globus and the machines invented and made by Viktor Böhm were internationaly renowned. Viktor Böhm with Moric Schlesinger made an association in 1912 named Böhm & Schlesinger. They made conical šišáky (semi-finished goods) and other hats. In 1912 they also built a new factory for hat making, which was on Roseggergasse, todays Luzicka street (map).


Disputes between associates in 1916 lead to dissolution of the association and the factory went to the family Böhm. After WW-I, manufacturing continued and in 1922 the factory Brüder Böhm became independent. In the upper factory they made "šišáky" (semi-finished goods) and in lower factory they made hats *source of Böhm logo www.textil-info.cz

huckel Tonak

Before WW-II they had 1729 workers. About 2/3 of the hats went for export to USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In 1938 the owners were trying to transfer the factory into Czech ownership, but they didn't manage to complete that and the company was put under German management. In 1941 it was sold (by whom?) to the HÜCKEL company *see Profit.czČeský article, the largest Nový Jičín hat company. In 1945 the Hückel factory was expropriated, the family fled Czechoslovakia and the factory was renamed TONAK (=tovarna na klobouky) see Prague Post article


In 1945 part of the Brüder Böhm manufacturing section was totally destroyed and that section later became a factory for fabrics, named KARNOLAČeský and later United Technologies. That company declared bankruptcy in 2003 and today - the land is/was being sold by Nový Jičín.





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Böhm Fedora (late 1960s early 1970s)


This is a gift from my friend Herbert Jennissen at Hut-Neubarth Augsburg. This is a new old stock hat and very rare. I really love the color combination and black binding and ribbon treatment. This one is very similar to my Fraenkel. The Böhm's restarted the company after WWII out of Vienna and eventually combined with Fraenkel.















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Hüte aus Ebreichsdorf


Article in German about the hat factory in Ebreichsdorf, Austria. Fraenkel and BRÜDER BÖHM were produced at the factory which shut down in 1971. Interesting mention of a price war with TONAK being one of the causes.







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A very rare pre 1940s Brüder Böhm Velour that I picked up from M_Jones of the FL. This one has all original parts and was made for the French market. It has a high crown and no liner (logo patch missing). The velour finish is more natural and doesn't have the slick seal fur like look but still very nice. Diana at Maryland Seamstress http://www.marylandseamstress.com/ did a great job replicating the top stitch on the ribbon.













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Brüder Böhm Wien Melone, measures out about 58cm but needs some conforming. This is the first Brüder Böhm I have come across from the Wien factory. There is no paper label behind the sweatband (that I can find) and no logo on the sweatband.













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Here is info on the BB finishing machines that were installed at Hat Corp of America in the late 1930s.






Correspondence regarding Dobbs use of Brüder Böhm finishing machines.




Here's another correspondence regarding the BB finishing machine and McLachlen hat bodies. Interesting technical info.





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Brüder Böhm Wien Post Card (April 8, 1918) I picked this one up recently. It was sent to a hat store owner (Franz Karzen) in Wamberg, Böhmen, Austria (today Vamberk, Bohemia, Czech Republic).





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Brüder Böhm Wien Flexible Melone


Size 58cm, weighs 180 grams, probably 1920s - 1930s. I believe there could be some wool content in this Melone. It also has a cord which is not typical. It appears Hut-Fabriks-Niederlage, Jean Preis is a branch office or warehouse in Wiener Neustadt.
















Cord Close-up Photos





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Brüder Böhm "Luxor", size 56cm, pre 1940. It's made of wool or has a large amount of wool content. It's from a Czech source. I believe my Brüder Böhm Velour is the only other pre 1940 soft felt so a rare find.


Props to Robert (RLK) for the meaning of "Decateered".

















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