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Erko Velour

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German / Austrian Black Velour, size 54cm. This one is Austrian Velour like and the Czech word Erko points in that direction. Unfortunately the paper label was removed probably during cleanings. I am not sure if the name on the sweatband is the shop, owner or maker from Tegernsee. The Velour on this hat is really beautiful and in perfect condition. The overall condition of the hat is very good including the non reeded sweatband. It's definitely pre 1940 and it could easily go back to the 20s. This one has the unique JHS Velour smell when steamed. I really like this one to say the least.














Liner logo enhancement by Dinerman(Spencer)on the FL.



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I received this from the seller.



Hello Steve,

Anton Schätz was a very old ( i thing the first and best) hut maker in Tegernsee (Oberbayern). he is near us, about 15 km away.


I am always looking for huts, but in the moment i don`t find anything.


Have a nice day and weekend.


Greetings from raining bavaria

Elke and Sixtus



My guess is the felt was sourced from an Austrian Velour supplier out of Czecho Slovakia.

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