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  1. Messmer Konrad Carl, Hut-Fabrikant, founded in 1790, seems to have been one of the Hoflieferanten (deliverers of the Austrian Court): https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_der_k.u.k._Hoflieferanten_1899#M https://austria-forum.org/af/AustriaWiki/Liste_der_k.u.k._Hoflieferanten_1899 and Hotel Kummer (where he sold his hats?) still exists (Dec. 2019): https://kummer-hotel-vienna.hotel-ds.com/de/ there is a nice picture on their homepage showing how it looked like at the time with many shops at the basement. In 1939 they were still there, with new associates: Margarete Messmer/M
  2. Nice Austro-Hungarian officer's cap - I can't see the center of the cockade, but I suppose it says FJ I - Franz Josef I. As the ad indicates they also sold "Kappen" = caps.
  3. Yes, could indeed be Czech! The owner of the Kepka firm in Graz I sent you the link of via PM is a certain Karin Krahl-Wichmann - perhaps there is a connection there, who knows. Seems as if you'd have to visit Graz again.
  4. Hello Steve, yes, I took the info from the Graz Adressb├╝cher. What is interesting is that the paid ads (see above) state "Huterzeugung" (at Schmiedgasse 14) so it seems they really made hats, the entry in the telephone directory says: Handel ("retail of hats, caps, millinery, slippers and felt shoes") and this retail seems to have taken place at the other addresses. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on Kahr - the only available address books are for 1938 and 1943. Could this have been a case of aryanisation? As it was a OHG (Ordinary/General partnership) there should be info ava
  5. This is indeed a wonderful piece of headgear. Interestingly enough Skrivanek seems to have been taken over by W. &. Kahr somewhere between 1938 and 1943. And they were listed under "Hutmacher" - hatmakers, not under "Hutfabrik" (like Pichler) = hat factory, so Gewerbe, not Industrie.
  6. Great info and nice early photo of O. W. Fischer (then a famous actor in the germanophone world), thanks!
  7. Hello Steve, great information! Particularly the reason why many hats were exported to the US. Thanks!
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