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  1. Echter Mayser Superbe with a dark brown color! From 1960 with print " Superbe " on the sweatband!
  2. Some photos of the Echter Mayser Superbe with brim downward!
  3. Stetson Stratoliner Size 57 Logo and paper label
  4. Mayser Brooklyn in light Brown with a nice multicolor Ribbon
  5. That is a very beautiful Mayser in mid gray. I love this hat. The felt is very thin and leight.
  6. Thanks Steve, I'll gladly do. There are, besides fedora lounge, no page that presents much of European knowing and hats as yours.Its a honor for me.
  7. Thank you Steve for posting the links. The photos are great
  8. this is a newer Wilke with stingy brim.I think 1970-1980. the condition ist new.
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