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Strobin Straw Hat Cleaner and Bleach


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Strobin bleaching and cleaning for Straw hats. This is from the early 1900s and still contains the powder mix.








Before you remove the hat linen hat band. The contents of this packet you pour on a saucer, add 4 tablespoons of hot water and stir both with a tooth or nail brush through good, Now you brush the hat with the Strobin water as long as vigorously and carefully, until the same has been used up. The stronger and more carefully this is done, the better the success! In jedesmaligem dipping the brush you durchrühre the Strobin water so completely and well distributed and the effective insolubles of Strobin reach the hat. Then the hat is in the open air, if at all possible to dry under the influence of the sun's rays, the remaining after drying on the tide white powder is brushed off with water (under the guidance) thoroughly and turn to dry the hat as possible in the sun, then still pointing powder residues are easy to remove with the dry brush. In exceptional cases (with particularly strong tanned hats) are emp-mends a repeat above Strobinbehandlung if an even stronger bleaching is desired.


Straw hats.


It is advantageous to have them turn yellow not too strong a soiled and, the more easily the cleaning and bleaching will be. To avoid throwing the hat shelf and the hat brim (rim), both of which are to complain according to the still wet state. Repeated wetting is the braid not disadvantageous.


Panama hats.


To get the right head size, set to the still wet hat for a few seconds and at the same time give it the desired shape, which he retains, after drying. Any sweat stains under the hatband can be removed after the cleaning with turpentine or gasoline.


On closer consideration. the use statement is received as new and the shape remains Each Panama and straw hat.




The Straw Hat


The straw hat is the healthiest and most pleasing headwear in the warm season. He protects the head better than anyone felt hat against the scorching sun rays, without hindering the evaporation of the scalp. Using no headgear is a temporary fashion thing; also advise special doctors from doing so.


If, nevertheless, some apart from the acquisition of a straw hat, which may be for fear of the light dirty and the long wait in the purification by the hat happened laundries. However, straw hats should always be clean and bleached, but this is easy, cheap and easily accessible by Strobin. Since Strobin not attack the straw, you can wear the straw hat several summer. In general, in a two - meet up three times cleaning during the warmer months (at the beginning, middle and end). It is the straw conducive to winter cleaned his hat.


The sole producer Max Queisner,

Chemical Factory, Charlottenburg 2, Gutenbergstraße 3. Except inliegendem Strobin fabricated above the cosmetics company "borane Krem". Note the use of this upper-class preparation on the back.

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Strobin Panama and Straw Hat Cleaner probably around WWI. This is the second packet of Strobin that I have found. The powder is sill present in the packet. The rough translation of the instructions is worth checking out.




Wash Panama and Straw Hats with Strobin, 50 cents, The hat is clean in a few minutes, and appears as new. The safety of the "Strobin" is sworn by chemist Dr. Aufrecht of Berlin. Proven Millions of Times.






Before cleaning the hatband is to be removed. The contents of this packet you pour in a saucer and add 2 tablespoons of warm water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Both are easy to mixed and then with the milky Strobin water evenly and carefully brush the hat (with old tooth or nail brush).


Before each times will dip the brush you stir it again, so that the insoluble components of the preparation to come on the hat, because this is necessary for a thorough cleaning. Then the hat is brushed off with clear water and pre-dry with a clean white cloth. The complete drying is advantageously carried out in the fresh air, if at all possible under the action of the sun's rays.


Straw hats. Many straw hats are provided with a fine, little visible lacquer coating. This coating must be carefully brushed off before using the "Strobin" with alcohol.


Panama hats. To maintain the head width to put the hat right after the pre-drying, so even when wet, a few seconds on the head and give him on the desired shape. If after your drying not like the form, so you can braid by steam easily make back docile (the kettle) and then transform. Sweat stains need to be removed before cleaning with turpentine.


Strobin Brushes are available in stock.


In strict accordance with the instructions for each Panama and Straw Hat and is like new.

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