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J. Heinr. (Heinrich) ITA Hutfabrik

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No longer in business. Located in Wien.




From German Wikipedia




Johann Heinrich Ita ,(* 1850;? † January 10, 1915 ) was an Austrian hatter during the Habsburg monarchy.


Johann Heinrich Ita was a major hat manufacturer in Vienna. His company has been very successful in his life and he has received several honors. He was Kommerzialrat and president of the group of the Austrian Hutfabrikanten. Among his customers included, among other things, the imperial court, he later became the imperial court Hutfabrikanten appointed. Ita chamber was also a supplier of Archduke Joseph . The factory and the Comptoir were at the Linzer Straße 140 in the 13th Viennese district Hietzing . [2]

He was married to Julie Ita. Together they had several children: Hermine, Ludwig and Gustav Ita. Hermione married Edmund Thilo. Grandchildren were Henry, John and Paul Ita.

John Henry died on 10 Ita January 1915 due to a stroke. He was according to the Protestant rite at St. Helena Cemetery in Baden near Vienna , buried in the family vault.


Villa ITA at the Linzer Straße 146 in Penzing




Small advertising Ita Fabriks with its unique brand (1906)






Death Notice (1915)




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J. Heinr. ITA Wien Fedora (1950s)


This one belongs to my friend Herbert Jennissen. J. Heinr. ITA hats are of very high quality. I love the long hair felt on this sporty one.





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J. Heinr. ITA Wien Grey Open Crown Fedora


This new old stock open crown gem also belongs to Herbert Jennisen. I am thinking early 1950s.













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J. Heinr. ITA Wien, size 59cm, date stamped September 29, 1939. Very high overall quality with a very light + soft sweatband and silk liner. Old J. Heinr. ITA are rare finds. Sold by Phillip Neubauer Berlin.





















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Thanks to Celia on the FL!


I was looking into this some more, and realized there was J Heinrich Ita in Vienna, but also the Ita hat factory in Amstetten (as in the display I posted a picture of). I was not sure whether they were actually related so I did some digging while I couldn't sleep.


The hat factory in Amstetten was founded by the Englishman Thomas Gramlick in 1908 in an existing mill. He then sold it on to Vinzenz Nobel in 1911, and 5 years later it came into the hands of Gustav and Ludwig Ita. On the obituary notice on Steve's site I saw they were J. heinrich Jta's children, so there is the link I was looking for! In 1919 Heinrich Ita (the grandson I assume) is in charge of the factory and he expands it enormously, making it one of Amstetten's most important businesses. By the beginning of the 1930s the company employed 900 workers in day and night Shifts, with almost all of the output being exported to England, until export to the UK became difficult and had to be halted due to the political situation in the lead up to WWII.


After the war the company's fate changed, although many women from Amstetten still found employment in the hat factory in the post war period. However, in the end the company folded, and the outdated factory building and site were sold to the German garment company Bücking and the municipality of Amstetten.


Source of this information (in German): http://heimatforschung-noe.blogspot.de/2012/08/von-der-kranzer-muehle-zur-shopping-city.html


Some images of the hat factory in Amstetten:




Women at work in the factory, 14 june 1949

Source: http://www.bildarchivaustria.at/Pages/ImageDetail.aspx?p_iBildID=3167369




Entrance to the factory, named Breitmühle after the previous owners of the mill Anton and Katharina Breit (before it was a hat factory), also 14 june 1949


Source: http://www.bildarchivaustria.at/Pages/ImageDetail.aspx?p_iBildID=3176078




Both men's and women's hats in the shop window, as well as suits. Linz, 1950.



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J. Heinr. JTA Wien K. u. K. Hof Hutfabrikant,  Advert Display, early 1900s.  Not mine but a great piece from a finished auction.

Click Photo to Enlarge!


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