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Resolut Homburger Hutfabrik


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Landes-Adressbuch Hessen für Industrie, Handel, Handwerk und Gewerbe Volume 6 1952

Homburger Hutfabrik GmbH. Hauptstrasse 54 / 56, Bad Homburg 2595


A short story to Resolut Hutfabrik - google translation!

Hat Factory "Resolut".


The mill was rebuilt in 1710 by Michael Schell head and continued in 1755 by his son Henrich until 1784. About the in-laws nephew Carl Ludwig man from Green City in 1794, she came to Johann Philipp Neeb, the widow of the CL Married man. Died 1803 J. P. Neeb. Subsequent owner, Gerhard Becker, who died in 1840. Other intermediate owner is still unknown. Until 1875 there Walkwerk for the hat factory hoods LF Rousselet, In 1875 Rousselet from Friedrichsdorf established a walkmill with a walker for hat stumps. From 1934 hat factory Resolut, then owned by Walter See.".


The ancestors of the family Rousselet had emigrated as a Huguenot refugees to Friedrichsdorf and Köppern.


The building "to Köpperner Valley 106" was born from the former fulling mill Rousselet




The "Resolut Hutfabrik" consisted of 1875 in Köppern near Bad Homburg v.d. Height. The walk mill for the felt was operated by a gentleman of Huguenois descent Rousselet. Therefore perhaps the company name "Resolut", as wordplay on "Rousselet".

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Resolut Homburger Hutfabrik "Stra?d ", 58cm, Crown Open 5 1/2 inches, Brim 2 3/4 inches, probably mid 1950s. This is my first Resolut Homburger Hutfabrik find. I saw a few in the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg archives. Resolut Homburger Hutfabrik was in Köppern near by Homburg vor der Höhe (Bad Homburg). The felt is really great. It's of a heavier weight but easily dry creases. The form and construction are fantastic. Not sure what the fourth letter is in the quality type "Qual. Stra?d".


















Natural Light





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