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Heinrich Bock Hutfabrik, Berlin


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HABOCK,size 56cm, probably from around WWII. I think it might have some wool content. I don't believe this hat company survived WWII. This rare hat belongs to Panadora (Jacob) on the FL.


"The hat belonged to my grandfather who passed away years ago.


The felt is 3mm thick at the rim. The felt has a very soft surface but is structually stiff at the same time.

The crown is 10-12cm tall, the brim is 5cm wide and the weight is 121 grams.


The Danish store got it's name somewhere between 1938 and 1940.

(Denmark was occupied by Germany in April 1940).

The founder of the store were shot in 1944 by SS as revenge for sabotage.

The store closed in 1975."









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Habock's Velour Cardboard (7 cm x 5 cm) and Metal (7 cm x 3.5 cm) Displays possibly 1920s / 1930s.



Habock is Heinrich Bock Hutfabrik Berlin.  Back in 2015 I found this Habock's Velour,  Blum-Velour advertisement (from DHZ 12/10/1928) that showed an alliance between Heinrich Bock Hutfabrik Berlin and  Oberösterreich / Upper Austria Carl Blum Weis Velourhutfabrik.  Most likely Oberösterreich / Upper Austria Carl Blum Weis Velourhutfabrik suppled Velour Stumpen / Capelines to Heinrich Bock Hutfabrik Berlin possibly finished  Velour Hats. 





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